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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Transcription

We transcribe both audio and video files. Any material that can be transcribed is transcribed by us. We do not limit ourselves to any genre; call it what you will, we will transcribe it for you.

However, just to give you an idea, here are a few types of transcription services offered by us:

* Medical Transcription
* Media Transcription
* Podcast Transcription
* Business & Financial Transcription
* Conference Call Transcription
* Legal Transcription
* Court Proceeding Transcription
* Audio/Video Transcription
* Technical Transcription
* Educational Transcription
* Religious Transcription
* Research Transcription

Please go to our website and choose your turnaround package. You will be taken to the upload page of the cart. Please choose the file or file link you want to upload from your computer. You can repeat the process for as many files as you need to upload. You can also share the files via Dropbox, Google Drive, Video/Audio URL.

Yes. If you are unable to upload your files due to whatever reasons, please Contact us and we will send you alternate upload methods.

You will receive a confirmation from us for your order within 24 hours of placing it. It will mention your order number as well as the date that you can expect your transcripts based on your chosen turn around the package.

We will be contacting you via phone/email to inform you if there are any problems with downloading the files or audio quality, etc.

The transcripts will generally be in Times New Roman font, font size 12, and justified alignment. If you require any other formatting, we can incorporate it if you let us know of your requirements. You may even send us templates if you wish us to use them.

We follow the intelligent verbatim transcription style, which means that we transcribe exactly as dictated leaving out only the ums, ohs, and other mumblings. We also skip ads and music. If you require absolute verbatim or any other style, we are willing to do that for you.

"We identify speakers as interviewer, interviewee, male speaker, female speaker, etc. with numbers added to distinguish if there is more than one similar speaker. If you require any particular method of identification, you are welcome to send us the details(Template to be followed) and we will incorporate them in the transcript.

No. We accept only digital files at this point in time, please upload via our website.

We currently accept AIF, AIFF, AMR, AVI, DSS, DVD, DVF, FLV, M4A, MOV, MP2, MP3, MP4, MPEG, MPG, MSV, QTFF, RM, WAV, WMV, VOB, TRM and DS2

Please contact us if you find that your file format is not mentioned in the above list and we will email you either how to convert to a suitable format or alternate upload methods.

No. Whatever is the package, we give the same commitment to quality. There are absolutely no differences in the packages other than the turn around time.

"The characteristics of a difficult audio file include background noise, static on recordings, lots of voice overlapping, faint audio recordings, nonnative English speakers, very fast speech.

If you have one or more of these present in your audio, it is pretty much guaranteed to be difficult audio. Difficult audio files can be transcribed, but it takes double or more the effort and time to transcribe them.
We will be contacting you via phone/ email to inform you if any of the files are falling under difficult audio category"

When you request time stamp/time code service on your transcript, we will insert visible timestamps in your transcript at the beginning of the audio and approximately every 2 minutes thereafter (This is the default timestamp we add to the transcript). We can also have the time stamp/time code added on the transcript based on your request.

Any order of more than 30 hours of audio/video is considered as a bulk order. The delivery of transcripts for bulk orders will be longer than the regular order. Please Contact us if you have a bulk order and we can work out the details of turn around time.

Yes, you can have access to your transcripts for up to a year from the date that you have placed the order.

Yes. Our standard policy is that all commercial breaks, music etc from the audio will not be transcribed.

"1. Please go to If you are a first time user, please register using the link
2. Please log into using your username and password.
3. You will be reaching your personal dashboard. Please click on the tab New Order to start placing the order
4. You can choose your turnaround time package here.
5. You have the option to add Timestamps to your transcripts here. You can also choose "This audio is difficult" if you feel your audio falls under the difficult audio category. To know what constitutes a difficult audio, please check our FAQ at
6. Once the Turnaround time is selected you can start uploading the files. You can upload an audio or video file. Below are the file upload option available in our portal
i) File upload from your computer (Max File Size: 200 MB)
ii) Upload via Dropbox link
iii) Upload via Google Drive link
iv) Upload via URL
7. You have the option to update Title and add extra notes for the files here. The extra notes would be passed on to our transcribers as specific instructions in processing the files. You may want to include the title of the audio/video to be used with the transcript, useful websites, unusual words, keywords, acronyms, names of speakers, etc. as well as formatting instructions.
8. The system would automatically detect the duration of the file for you here. You would also have the option to manually modify the duration if in case you need to edit it.
9. You can click repeat the process in adding more files
10. Once all the files are added you can click on Checkout to proceed further.
11. You will need to update your Contact Information in this screen.
12. Once the details are updated you will have the option to select your payment method. You can make the payment via 1- PayPal or via a 2- Debit/ Credit card.
13. Once you have updated the payment method you can place the order by agreeing to our Terms and Conditions

NOTE: Please note that ours is a prepaid service and hence countdown for turn around and work on transcription starts after completion of the payment process.
You will receive your transcripts on or before the due date which would depend on the turnaround package you have chosen. Please note that turnaround is calculated in business days and not calendar days."

Yes, we can help you with the conversion. Please Contact us with the details of your audio/video and we will email you as to how this can be taken care of.

Yes, please note that Transcription Hub has a file size limit of 200 MB. If your files are of a larger size, please Contact us and we will email you as to how you can send us your files using alternate modes.

Yes, we offer a 5 minute free trial. We will email the trial transcript the next working day from the day you upload the file. It does not matter what is the length of the audio that you send us, we will transcribe the first five minutes. Please use the contact us page on our website to request a free trial coupon.

Any person who is new to Transcription Hub can avail the free 5 minute trial service. This service is offered so as to demonstrate the quality that would be delivered on the transcripts.

"Once you receive the free trial coupon code, please choose the Express @1 day package to upload your trial audio/video to us. Please enter "This is for trial" in the Extra Notes section while uploading the file or file link. At the checkout point, please enter the provided coupon code in the appropriate box, click on "Apply to order," and proceed.

You can also contact us to get the free trial order placed today!"

No, it is not necessary to pay for dead spaces on your audio. However, we do have minimum duration and point of occurrences requirements for this which can be found in related FAQ.

Yes, you can consider audio duration to be a dead space only when it runs for a minimum of one minute or more continuously.

"If you have dead spaces on your audio either at the beginning or the end of your audio, then you can manually edit the total duration of the file reducing the dead time and update the cart with the actual play time duration. This will allow you to pay only for the actual audio duration that is being transcribed.

Please put in the request to start and/or end transcription from a particular point on the audio in the Extra Notes section while placing your order."

If the dead spaces happen in between the recording, you can take the total of all the occurrences of empty recording on the audio and and update the cart with the actual play time duration. This will allow you to pay only for the actual audio duration that is being transcribed. However, please note that there needs to be a minimum of one running minute of empty recording each time and you will have to provide us with the start and end time of each dead space on the audio.

Yes, we can check for dead (empty recording) spaces on the audio/video for you. We charge $0.15 per minute ($9 per hour) of audio/video for this service. Please make this request in the Extra Notes Section while placing your order. We will send you an invoice for the same.

The time taken to transcribe an audio depends on the number of words typed. The time taken to type out a dictation/audio which has very fast speaker/speakers on it will be much more than the average. Hence, if the speed is 20% above the average, ie. above 12 lines per audio minute, then we deem the audio to be difficult as it will take the transcriber that much more time to type out the content.

If you have a doubt that the speakers on your audio are very fast, you can request us to check this at the time of placing your order. You can put in your request in the Extra Notes Section. We will check your audios irrespective of whether you make this request or not. If we find the line count is higher than 12 lines per minute of audio, we will intimate you of the same. We will bill you for difficult audio if you have not paid for the same already.

Audio Star Rating

Audio Description

Transcript Accuracy

5 Star

Clear Audio

98.5% to 100%

4 Star

Clear audio with some pockets of distortion


3 Star

Fairly clear audio with mild audio distortion and disturbances, little
jargon/technical content


2 Star

Poor audio, heavy accent, lots of overlapping conversations, multiple
speakers (more than two), audio distortion and disturbances such as
background noise, low recording, heavy jargon, etc


1 Star

Very poor audio - hardly audible

50% or less

We have different refund policies based on the status of your order. Please find below the information on our refund policies.

If you make a request to cancel an order after placing it:

a) If we have processed the files, then no refund will be entertained.

b) If the transcript is partially complete, then we would refund for the remaining portions of the audio/video not transcribed. The partially completed transcript will be delivered. Please note that the transcriber may have completed the transcript in the time that communication is going on, in which case this would be treated as nonrefundable, completed job/order.

c) If we have not initiated transcription, full refund will be made.

Refund policy for difficult audio files:

No refund will be entertained if the transcript has been delivered.
Only cancellation of order for un-transcribed portions of audio/video will be refunded.

Refund policy for quality issues with transcripts:

We maintain very high standards of quality. However, at times, quality issues due happen due to human errors. In such cases, we will rework the transcript for you. It is only if we are unable to rework the transcript that we would issue a 50% refund on the transcripts. The 50% that is being retained would be for the administrative and other incidental costs associated with processing the orders. All claims to be made and settled within three months of transcript delivery.

The above is applicable for all audio/video files.

You can share the URL with us while placing the order in the extra notes section. If there is any action needed from our end in order to access the contents of the URL you need to specify that as well. You can also share the link with as well as providing any permissions as required to enable us to access your audio/video links.

Yes, you can share a link to a audio/video.

Yes, We provide VTT (Web Video Text Track) as Subtitling output File format.

Yes, we do offer foreign language transcription services for Spanish, French and other languages. Please contact us for pricing and quote.

In case if you do not want to pay for difficult audio charges, there will be a delay in the delivery turn around time, since we need to go through the files and will have to do multiple quality checks before delivery we might not be able to meet the committed turn around time.

We will appreciate customers getting back us of any quality issues, as soon as possible. However we can help address any quality issues up to 90 days.

Yes, we can do multiple speaker's files without extra charges.

We do 100% human transcription, we don’t believe in machine transcription given the output from automated machine transcription.

Yes, you can still log into your account even if you have forgotten your username. Just use the email id you used to register your account and you will be able to log into your account.

Yes it is. We price on the length of the audio/video file we receive - NOT the amount of time it takes to complete the transcript.

Yes, we charge an additional $0.75 cents per minute of audio/video which fall under the difficult audio banner.

No, there are no additional charges for multiple speakers. Additional difficult audio charges will be applicable only if the audio recording is of poor quality.

Yes, we charge an additional $0.15 cents per minute of audio/video for inserting time stamp/time code in the transcript.

Our payment gateway is integrated with PayPal. You can make your payment using a credit card, a debit card or a PayPal account.

Yes, we do offer postpaid services too. To avail postpaid services, you will need to sign a purchase order with us stating the terms of service and payment. Please Contact us to request more information about this.

Ours is a prepaid service. Hence, payment will have to be made at the time of placing the order.

Coupon will be valid between the Postpaid agreement duration.

Once the Postpaid agreement is signed, it will generate a coupon code that will bypass the payment module.

We can work with your organization's payment policy to defend the billing cycle.

Paypal, Direct deposit, Check, Debit/Credit card.

Yes, you can use American Express and AMEX Credit Card to pay at our website.

You can use your company credit card like any other credit card, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

Yes, customers can sign the postpaid agreement to make the payment after delivery.

Yes, customers can sign the postpaid agreement to make the payment after delivery.

There is no additional charge to follow verbatim, but customer need to update in the extra notes while placing the Order.

We charge 0.30 USD to follow a timestamp less than or below 2 minutes.

Yes, your turn around will be affected if you choose to use an eCheck to make your payment. Ours is a prepaid service. Hence, countdown for turnaround and transcription of audio/video starts after completion of payment process. If it takes 3-5 days for your eCheck to be cleared, then countdown for turnaround will start after 3-5 days. If you require a short turn around, we suggest you use your credit card, debit card or PayPal account to make your payment.

In case you are having trouble making the payment using the PayPal gateway, try the following: Sometimes PayPal does not show the Credit Card payment option if someone else has used the computer you are using and made a payment using a PayPal account. Clear the cookies before trying again. If you are still having trouble, you might want to use a different computer to make the payment.

If you choose to go with the PayPal gateway, click on Checkout to proceed with payment. Please enter all the details for the Billing Information. Enter the Coupon Code if you have a valid discount coupon and click on Apply to Order. Click on
Review Order
. Recheck all the details of your order are correct. Click on Back to make any changes. Click on Submit Order to proceed further. If you wish to pay using a Paypal account, enter your account details and proceed to make payment. You can also choose to Sign In as a guest and pay with your debit or credit card without using a PayPal account.

Transcription Hub payment gateway is integrated with PayPal. A customer does not need to have a PayPal account to use the PayPal gateway to make the payment. All you need is a credit or a debit card.

We are located in the PST time zone. You will receive a reply within 4 hours to any inquiry Monday through Friday.

The countdown for turn around starts the next day after you place the order. For eg. if you have placed an order on a Monday, then the countdown starts from Tuesday. We do not count the day the order was placed for start of turn around time. This day is used to download the file and check it thoroughly for any issues before starting the transcription. We will send you an order confirmation only after the file has been screened and found to be free of any problems.

No, turn around does not include weekends and holidays; it is counted in business days.

Once the order has been completed, an email will be sent to the email id used to place the order intimating completion. You can log in to with your user name and password and download the transcripts from your Dashboard.

The transcript is delivered as a MS Word document by default. However, if you require we could also deliver them in one of the following formats, namely, TXT, HTML, DOC, PDF or RTF. This will however have to be specified by you either via email/Contact us or in the Extra Notes section at the time of placing the order.

Even if your audio meets our minimum quality standards, audio with heavy accents, background noise, and/or highly obscure or technical content may take longer to transcribe and edit, to avoid this please take a look our tips Tips for Quailty Group Discussion / Focus Group Recording

At times the email notification may go into the spam folder. If you have not received an email from Transcription Hub, please check your spam folder.

Customers will be notified via email when the transcripts are completed. To access the transcripts, you will need to log into your account on with your username and password. Once you are logged into your account, please look for the My Transcripts link on the left hand side of the screen. On clicking the link, you will get a display of all completed transcripts. You can now download your transcripts by clicking on the file.

Yes, We do have a price calculator on our website under the price tab.

Yes. We would be happy to convert the file to .srt or .vtt format. However, we would need the following from you in order to do it.
1- Audio/ Video file for the transcript
2- The transcript file in .doc format
Please contact us to get a quote for the same.
Note: Please note that we will not be editing the transcript files you are sharing with us. We would only be formatting the file in the requested format. Any error in the transcript would still be retained in the final output.

Yes, e24 Technologies LLC is eligible to bid/work on US government contracts.

Yes, e24 Technologies LLC has a Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) Code.

Yes, e24 Technologies LLC is registered with the System for Award Management - SAM.

Yes, e24 Technologies LLC is registered with DUNS.

The first time your friend utilizes Transcription Hub's services you will automatically receive a coupon for $25 which you can utilize when you next place your next order on Transcription Hub.

To earn this $25 all you need to do is invite a friend to Transcription Hub and have them use Transcription Hub's services.

Transcription Hub offers existing customers a chance to earn a coupon for $25 which can be utilized against their purchases on Transcription Hub.

Yes, we can provide signed W9 forms.

Yes, we do sign non-disclosure agreements with people who request it. We have a regular non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement. Upon request, we will email the same to you. If this meets with your approval, we will send you a signed and scanned copy of the same via email. However, if you require us to sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement of your choice, we would be willing to sign the same. Please Contact us for more details.

All you need is a valid .edu, .ca or a email id to avail the EDU discount.

Yes, as a student or a professional in the education industry, you are eligible for a 5% flat discount.

We provide a 5% flat discount for customers with a valid .edu, .ca, or email id. You need to log into your account on with the .edu, .ca, or email id and then go on to upload your order from the educational page to avail the discount automatically. The link to the page is

We offer to bill you for the transcription services either on a per line of transcript or per minute of audio/video basis. You can opt for either one of the options.

The price per line is for the price that you would pay for each line of 65 characters including spaces of the transcript.

The price per minute is the price that you would pay for each minute of audio/video.

When you choose to go for the price per minute option, you will be paying for each minute of audio that you upload irrespective of how many lines of transcript is generated. When you choose to go with the price per line option, you will be paying for each line of transcript generated irrespective of how many minutes the audio duration runs to.

The costing has been made based on industry averages. The cost would be more or less the same whichever option you choose to go with.

Yes, you can opt to go with one option to begin with and change the billing preference at a later date. However, you can make this change once in three months only.

We would take the total character count of all content including spaces that has been typed out and divide it by 65 to arrive at the line count.

No, we would not add your header and footer information to the line count.

Yes, we would add the content of the normals to the line count.

If you opt to go for a per minute of audio pricing, we would bill you for normals by line count.

You can avail free trial for 15 days, i.e. two weeks, from the day you sign up for trial. You can place your free orders for 15 days and we will deliver the transcripts in the Economy @ 5 days package.

We will transcribe the first five minutes of the audio/ video file shared by you for free. This service is offered so as to demonstrate the quality that would be delivered on the transcripts.

We offer three billing cycles to suit your needs: Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly

If you require a billing cycle other than our regular cycles, email us at and we would be willing to work with you to come up with a mutually agreeable billing cycle.

You can make the payment either via check or direct transfer to our bank account using wire transfer or ACH routing.

Yes, we can format the transcripts such that you can easily integrate them into your EHR/EMR system.

Yes, we can transcribe your recordings directly into your EHR/EMR system when provided with login credentials for the same.

No, we do not charge extra for transcribing directly into your EHR/EMR system.

Yes, we do provide HIPAA compliant medical transcription at Transcription Hub.
Hospitals, clinics, and private practices in the United States must comply with HIPAA regulations to protect sensitive information. We at Transcription Hub has a specialized team with the necessary knowledge on medical terminology as well as rules and regulations regarding HIPPA compliance and other medical transcription requisites to help you with your medical transcription needs.

No, Transcription Hub does not certify the transcripts.

SRT (Sub Rip)
SSA (Substation Alpha)
TTML (Timed Text Markup Language)
SBV (YouTube format)
DFXP (Distribution Format Exchange Profile)
VTT (Web Video Text Track)
TXT (untimed text transcript)

An SRT file is a subtitle file saved in the Sub-rip file format. It is supported by several video formats such as DivX and DVD and used by various video playback programs. SRT files contain subtitle information, which includes the sequential number of subtitles, start and end time code, subtitle text.

Closed captions are sets of text within the video that is specifically of use to those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Closed captions offer a verbatim transcription of not only dialogue that is being said in the video, but also annotations. These annotations convey non-verbal sounds, such as doors slamming and music playing. They may also indicate tone and intonation, such as showing when a character is shouting or saying something sarcastically. Subtitles of a video are a text version of the dialogues spoken in a video that is intended to make the content decipherable by foreign-language speakers. Subtitles are not meant to be as verbatim as that of a closed caption transcription of the audio. Unlike closed captions, they are usually aimed at viewers who can hear the audio, but may not be able to understand the dialogue due to the language and dialect differences. As such, subtitles are often closely associated with, and part of, dialogue translation. They don't contain annotations of non-verbal sounds

Yes, we can deliver the transcription in the .srt format. There will be some extra fee for delivering the transcription in the above, please contact us for pricing and quote.

Yes, we can translate your document with technical jargon for you. However, this will be deemed to be difficult translation.

We accept DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, HTML, PDF etc.

Yes. You will be charged additionally per word for handwritten documents.

Yes. We will accept and translate the content in a handwritten format as required by you.

We support and translate 35+ languages. All of the languages listed below can be transcribed in the source language as well as translated from and to English. Contact us if the language you require translated is not mentioned below.

  1. Arabic
  2. Brazilian Portuguese
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Chinese
  5. Czech
  6. Danish
  7. Dutch
  8. Estonian
  9. EU French
  10. EU Spanish
  11. Finnish
  12. French
  13. German
  14. Greek
  15. Icelandic
  16. Indonesian
  17. Italian
  18. Japanese
  19. Korean
  20. Latin
  21. Latvian
  22. Lithuanian
  23. Malay
  24. Norwegian
  25. Polish
  26. Portuguese
  27. Romanian
  28. Russian
  29. Serbian
  30. Slovak
  31. Somali
  32. Spanish
  33. Swedish
  34. Thai
  35. Traditional Chinese (ZH-TW)
  36. Turkish
  37. Ukrainian

The transcripts and audio/video files will be permanently deleted, per customer request if any.

The transcripts are available online to the customer for ease of accessibility and download using customer login. Transcription Hub only maintains digital copies of the transcripts and no hard copies are made unless requested by customer. Upon completion of the transcription job, we will be sending the transcript to the customer's registered email address. The transcripts and audio files will be permanently deleted, per customer request if any.

Transcription hub does not store credit card or debit card information.

All the employees of Transcription Hub are bound by a NONDISCLOSURE/CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT to help protect the privacy of the customers. The company also signs a NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT with the customer if requested.

"1- Transcription Hub is enabled with HTTPS protocol (HTTPS/SSL Message and Attachment Encryption) for additional security while uploading audio/videos. Transcription Hub's servers are also highly secured servers.
2- All our user accounts are protected by a password. Only you can access your transcripts from your account and to do that you need to log in with your user id and password. Multiple layers of authentication protect both sender and receiver, including password protection, site images, and session management.
3- All files are scanned for malware/virus protection."

The transcripts are search engine protected and not exposed to any search engine crawls.

Transcription Hub is enabled with HTTPS protocol (HTTPS/SSL Message and Attachment Encryption) for additional security while uploading audio/videos. Transcription Hub's servers are also highly secured servers.

No. Only you can access your transcripts from your account and to do that you need to login with your user id and password.

Yes, Transcription Hub offers an Affiliate Program.

You email our Affiliate Manager at requesting that we setup an Affiliate Account for you with Transcription Hub. You will be given a public affiliate link which can be freely shared with anyone via email as well as on Facebook, Twitter and other places. You can also embed the affiliate widget on your blog/website.

The affiliate link/widget is specific to you and has special codes in them to track who visited our website from it.

You get a 10% lifetime affiliate commission on the business generated.

You can be an affiliate of Transcription Hub lifelong.

The earnings are credited to your account and will accumulate there. The accumulated earnings will be paid out to your PayPal account between the 1st and 5th of every month. The funds are credited to your PayPal account within 1 business day of the earning payout.

If for some reason the customer order was refunded, then the commission paid to the affiliate will be reversed.

No, there is no limit on the number of people. The more people you invite and the more business you generate, the more you earn.

You can invite anyone as long as they are not already registered with Please do not spam people with invites. We take spam reports very seriously and it might lead to your account getting blocked.

If you fail to either reject a file within 60 minutes of pick up or deliver the transcript withint 24 hours of pick up, your account will be cancelled and you will no longer be eligible to pick up files or work for e24 Technologies.

No, you cannot reject a file after 60 minutes from pick up time. You need to definitely deliver the transcript within the stipulated 24 hours.

You can reject a file in 60 minutes or less from the time you pick up the file.