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How to Upload Files?

"1. Please go to If you are a first time user, please register using the link
2. Please log into using your username and password.
3. You will be reaching your personal dashboard. Please click on the tab New Order to start placing the order
4. You can choose your turnaround time package here.
5. You have the option to add Timestamps to your transcripts here. You can also choose "This audio is difficult" if you feel your audio falls under the difficult audio category. To know what constitutes a difficult audio, please check our FAQ at
6. Once the Turnaround time is selected you can start uploading the files. You can upload an audio or video file. Below are the file upload option available in our portal
i) File upload from your computer (Max File Size: 200 MB)
ii) Upload via Dropbox link
iii) Upload via Google Drive link
iv) Upload via URL
7. You have the option to update Title and add extra notes for the files here. The extra notes would be passed on to our transcribers as specific instructions in processing the files. You may want to include the title of the audio/video to be used with the transcript, useful websites, unusual words, keywords, acronyms, names of speakers, etc. as well as formatting instructions.
8. The system would automatically detect the duration of the file for you here. You would also have the option to manually modify the duration if in case you need to edit it.
9. You can click repeat the process in adding more files
10. Once all the files are added you can click on Checkout to proceed further.
11. You will need to update your Contact Information in this screen.
12. Once the details are updated you will have the option to select your payment method. You can make the payment via 1- PayPal or via a 2- Debit/ Credit card.
13. Once you have updated the payment method you can place the order by agreeing to our Terms and Conditions

NOTE: Please note that ours is a prepaid service and hence countdown for turn around and work on transcription starts after completion of the payment process.
You will receive your transcripts on or before the due date which would depend on the turnaround package you have chosen. Please note that turnaround is calculated in business days and not calendar days."