Enterprise Account

Enterprise or Business Account

Do you have regular need to transcribe your audio/video to text? And require a customized services which fits into your organization process? Transcription HUB can help you setup a dedicated/customized account for your organization with the following benefit:

Account Management – We will dedicate an account manager for your account who will work closely with your organization’s contact to make sure superior quality of service is rendered.
Security – We give utmost importance to our client confidentiality. We can sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)/Confidentiality Agreement with our customers.
Post Payment – No payment upfront, you can pay us based on 15 Days/30 Days invoicing cycle. We can set that up as per your organization’s preference.
Mode of Payment – We accept various modes of payment like Bank Checks, Bank Wire Transfers, Credit Card, Debit Card and PayPal.
Contract / Purchase Order – We can work with your Organization to go through any Contract or Purchase Order process requirement on a need basis.
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