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Webinar Transcription

The web based seminar allows interaction between the conductor of the seminar and the audience. It has the ability to give, receive and discuss information. Here again the web allows large groups of people to interact without having to spend time and money on travel. These webinars need to be documented for future reference and Transcription Hub comes in here to help you convert your recordings into text.

Why Do You Need A Transcription?

Webinars are a growing method of sending your message out to more than just your local community. When you host a webinar be sure to include a transcript of the event after the fact. Transcripts help increase your searchability because all the keywords of your discussion are embedded in the text. It also offers your listeners another option for reviewing what was said during the webinar, rather than re-listening to the whole presentation over again.

There are a number of benefits to preparing a full transcription as opposed to simply recording the main points. Detailed transcriptions are an accurate account of the entire discussion. If difficult decisions are being made it will be helpful to maintain a detailed record of what was said in case of a subsequent disagreement.

Benefits of Using Transcription Hub

Our transcription services are tailored to help anyone in almost any industry.

  • We offer affordable services that will meet all of your requirements.
  • We can assure you of accurate and precise transcripts for all your board meetings.
  • We analyze the content and perform a thorough quality check and provide you with 100% quality transcripts.

We pride ourselves on building a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship with our customers. For any further queries about our transcription services, you can contact us at 1-866-898-2181 or write to us for more information.