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What is your refund policy?

We have different refund policies based on the status of your order. Please find below the information on our refund policies.

If you make a request to cancel an order after placing it:

a) If we have processed the files, then no refund will be entertained.

b) If the transcript is partially complete, then we would refund for the remaining portions of the audio/video not transcribed. The partially completed transcript will be delivered. Please note that the transcriber may have completed the transcript in the time that communication is going on, in which case this would be treated as nonrefundable, completed job/order.

c) If we have not initiated transcription, full refund will be made.

Refund policy for difficult audio files:

No refund will be entertained if the transcript has been delivered.
Only cancellation of order for un-transcribed portions of audio/video will be refunded.

Refund policy for quality issues with transcripts:

We maintain very high standards of quality. However, at times, quality issues due happen due to human errors. In such cases, we will rework the transcript for you. It is only if we are unable to rework the transcript that we would issue a 50% refund on the transcripts. The 50% that is being retained would be for the administrative and other incidental costs associated with processing the orders. All claims to be made and settled within three months of transcript delivery.

The above is applicable for all audio/video files.