Writers Transcription

Writers come in various forms! Every printed material needs a writer and the types of printed material are endless, be it fiction or nonfiction. To name a few of the types of writers, we have academic writers, article writers, business writers, columnists, copywriters, game writers, ghostwriters, grant writers, journalists, nonfiction book writers, novelists, online writers, play writers, poetry writers, resume writers, reviewers, screenwriters, songwriters, speechwriters, staff writers, storywriters, technical writers, etc. etc. etc. PHEW!!!! We are sure there are many more types out there that we have not mentioned! In the present day, writers need not spend hours sitting in front of their word processors typing up their books, articles, etc. They can just record their content in audio/video format and have it transcribed to text.

TranscriptionHub is here to take the drudgery out of the whole process by converting your recordings to text.