Legal Transcription

The law has basically two categories, namely civil and criminal law. Both categories require the services of legal personnel and they in turn have numerous procedures which need to be recorded and transcribed. To name but a few such procedures/reports needing transcription services: Court proceedings, administrative hearings, judgments, client tapes, briefs, arbitrations, depositions, sworn statements, legal examinations under oath/pleadings, letters and general correspondence, jury instruction, motions, licensing appeals, mediation briefs, public hearings, summons, subpoenas, memorandums, presentations, evidence/Legal argument, telephone conversations, testimonies, paralegal services, panel hearings, legal videos, tribunal reports, disciplinary hearings, adjudication panel hearings and witness statements.

To state the obvious, the need for accuracy in these reports cannot be emphasized enough. TranscriptionHub's team of experienced legal transcriptionists with their knowledge of the relevant terminology can help you transcribe your audio/video recordings.