Transcription Helps Your Business

By: kevin

12 Apr 2015

Businesses are conducted via conferences, meetings, seminars, etc. It is now easy to get updated on these important aspects across time zones without loss of any details or information. Jotting down minutes is now obsolete. Transcription Hub simplifies business interactions and protects sensitive and confidential information, delivers accurate, efficient, and speedy transcription to further your business interests.

Why Transcribe an Interview?

By: kevin

5 Apr 2015

Why Transcribe an Interview ?
Don’t we often watch with avid interest an interview of a famous personality on TV? We also follow press reports of what politicians or other public figures have to say. Transcription of an interview, live or taped, audio or video, is vital to both interviewer and interviewee to avoid any kind of misplaced word or ambiguity. It is also useful for write-ups where one can refer back whenever necessary. Transcription Hub specializes in efficient and accurate transcription of interviews.

Translation Services

By: kevin

28 Mar 2015

The world has become a small place now, as the language barrier has been eliminated. One can access any data or information from anywhere around the globe, whatever the language. As businesses have spread world-wide, with branches in every country, translation has become an essential service for smooth development of business. This is made possible because of the accurate and efficient multi-language translation provided by reliable transcription firms like Transcription Hub.

Yes, we can translate your document with technical jargon for you. However, this will be deemed to be difficult translation.

We accept DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, HTML, PDF etc.

Yes. You will be charged additionally per word for handwritten documents.

Yes. We will accept and translate the content in handwritten format as required by you.

We support and translate 35+ languages. All of the languages listed below can be transcribed in the source language as well as translated from and to English. Contact us if the language you require translated is not mentioned below.

  1. Arabic
  2. Brazilian Portuguese
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Chinese
  5. Czech
  6. Danish
  7. Dutch
  8. Estonian
  9. EU French
  10. EU Spanish
  11. Finnish
  12. French
  13. German
  14. Greek
  15. Icelandic