Transcription for Professors

By: admin

6 Jul 2016

Professors and Lectures are the two terms inseparable in academic circles in any part of the globe and geographic or other barriers don’t make a difference. Similarly, comprehension and retention, are the two vital aspects, needed to achieve the ultimate goal of academic excellence. Only if there’s clear comprehension of what one learns, there’ll be a strong
foundation that’s facilitated by retention.

The Claims Adjuster and Drones

By: admin

3 Jul 2016

Drones have been a significant topic of discussion in the insurance industry for the past year or so. Many insurance companies have already filed their drone usage applications. At first glance, drones appear to be valuable assets for claims adjusters, however there are some issues to tackle first. What type of barriers could affect this tool’s usefulness for the insurance industry?

Who’s flying the drone?

Transcription for Market Research

By: admin

27 Jun 2016

Market research is a vital tool for businesses of all nature and sizes. Be it for launching a new product or service or improving upon the existing ones, it has become a must do act. Market Research is done through a variety of methods, in the current scenario.

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