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Interview Transcription

Interview transcription services at your preferred budget. Our transcribers convert all your recorded interviews, meeting, panel discussion to text.

They can just record your content in audio/video format and have it transcribed to text.

Transcription Hub is here to take the drudgery out of the whole process by converting your recordings to text with transcription services.

Interview transcription is the process of recreating a recorded interview (video or audio) word-for-word for printed use or reference later. Transcribed interviews not only present valuable content in written form, but also make it easier for a person to look up specific content within an interview later. Finally, a written interview transcript helps to identify key talking points discussed during the interview process.

Any interview can be transcribed, but some of the most common interview transcription services performed at Transcription Hub include:

  • Legal cases
  • Celebrity interviews
  • Job interviews
  • Research

Interview transcriptions are commonly used by people with hearing impairment or a disability that would otherwise not have access to recorded interview content.

Interview Transcriptions Process at Transcription Hub

Transcription Hub follows strict guidelines when transcribing interviews to help give you the best possible content for your investment. For example, Transcription Hub uses the following guidelines when transcribing interviews for clients. Interview transcriptions should be:

  1. Changed as little as possible from the original content, even including contractions, conversational quality, and speech patterns.
  2. Easy to read and understandable, including no phonetic spellings of words.
  3. Complete, even including transcribable sounds and emotions (laughs).

Interview transcription services make it easier for any person with audio or video content to present the content in a more useful form. Websites that feature primarily video or audio content can even use interview transcription to add more valuable written content to their web presences.