Legal process outsourcing (LPO) enables legal firms to achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively by utilizing up-to-date technologies. High quality legal support is offered by professionals at competitive pricing to make their services the right choice for law firms.
Gathering and summarizing, updating legal information in legal content databases, and performing client-specific research will negate extensive document reviewing and other time-consuming projects.
Professional handling pertaining to financial management, using sound financial accounting software gives accurate financial information ensures successful execution of financial responsibilities. Preparation of invoices, collation of time sheets and other billing related processes and procedures are undertaken.
All activities of summarizing and categorizing contracts, creation and maintenance of contract databases, comparison of contracts to model agreements, identification of differences, and standardization of agreements are services offered.
A web-based platform for easy management of legal data and analysis is provided, key performance indicators and trend metrics that can be flexibly analyzed, including practice area, business units and the time frames.
Drafting of standard contracts, agreements, letters, written communication to clients, patent applications, and related legal documents are scanned and transferred to digital format for easy retrieval.
Keen attention is given to details such as formatting structure, content structure and templates so a structured data is provided, and is set in the visual context of a legal document.
Drafting complaints and summons, responsive pleadings and correspondence, organizing, analyzing, filing and preparing chronologies, and maintaining a calendar, document review and analysis, e-discovery, drafting complaints, summaries of cases, research, data capture bibliographic and in-text coding are undertaken.
Intellectual property services include IP asset research, management, patent litigation and prosecution, patent portfolio management and analysis, patent support services, and trademark search and analysis.
e24 Technologies ensures the highest quality and professionalism, attention to detail, timely and cost effective service.