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.edu Transcription

.edu Transcription

By: kevin

27 Jul 2010

.edu has been derived from the word education and accessing websites ending in .edu will lead to an educational institution such as a university, college, or school.

Educational institutions are in the business of imparting knowledge and like any other business have the need to document information.

This documentation process often involves recording of meetings, lectures and other functions associated with an educational institution. These recordings are later converted into text form via transcription.

The requirement for transcription services in educational institutions is pretty large.

Students, faculty and other staff form the distinct groups of any educational institution. Each of these groups has different information to be documented in different formats. The one common factor between the groups however is the need for transcription services to document their information.

One major arena in the life of students where transcription plays an important role is when it comes time to doing a project, report, thesis, dissertation, etc. Students at all levels of education are required to produce one or more of the above during the course of their study, more definitely so in the case of graduate or research students. The students would record their interviews and observations and later have them transcribed.

One more place where transcription could ease the life of a student would be in the classrooms themselves. With the advent of high-tech, low cost handy recording devices, students are now able to record the classroom lectures allowing them to concentrate on the lecture itself rather than be distracted with the task of taking down notes simultaneously hoping not to miss anything important. This allows them to replay the recordings later on as well as allowing them to understand the finer nuances of a subject which they might have missed during the initial lecture. Once these recordings are transcribed, then the transcripts themselves form part of the study material and an easily searchable one at that.

Faculties at educational institutions also have the need for transcription services. They may record their lectures for classrooms as well as online courses and need to have it transcribed. These also form a part of the study material.

Just like any other business, educational institutions have a lot of meetings for various purposes. These meetings may be conducted by the management, administrative staff, faculty, may be intradepartmental or interdepartmental meetings which can be recorded and transcribed later. The greatest underlying advantage of recording a meeting is that it leaves the people free to concentrate on what is happening rather than worry about taking notes and hoping not to miss anything important.

Needless to say, transcription companies who have had experience in transcribing recordings of interviews/classroom lectures as well as meetings and other educational institutional type of audio and exposure to the varying topics that would naturally form a part of this process or at least the knowledge of where to search for the relevant information to ensure maximum possible accuracy of a transcript are definitely invaluable.