Data Entry and Data Conversion

The huge volume of data generated by booming global business has to be secured and confidential, and at the same time it has to be easily accessible for reference and study. Securing this in hardcopies would be a burdensome and difficult task. To ensure there is no loss of data, and at the same time it is available as and when needed, the data is secured in the electronic format by data entry and data conversion. This can be easily accessed from any geographical location.
Data Entry
Data entry saves all scanned hard copies and paper documents into the electronic format, with very little chance of loss of data. This includes online data entry, online ad posting, image entry, insurance claim entry, and offline data entry, among other services.
Data entry saves businesses time and money due to the efficient and speedy handling of data and helps in business promotion and activities.
Data Conversion
When data is to be saved from one format to another, for example, from a hard copy to an electronic format, that process is known as data conversion. The conversion of the data to a client-specified format follows a process of cleansing and validation of data which is on hard copy or paper. Data entry and data conversion is preferred as the client finds the data easily accessible and available.
Data conversion includes CAD conversion, book conversion, XML conversion, PDF conversion, document conversion, HTML conversion and many other services which benefit and promote businesses.
Data entry and data conversion services are avidly sought after by business and corporate as they streamline and organize data to a great extent. They secure data from any loss or misinterpretation. Data is made easily available in client-specific formats for future use and reference. Time and money is saved by speedy and easy access of information, and services are offered by Transcription Hub.