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Frequently Asked Questions - Medical Transcription

We offer to bill you for the transcription services either on a per line of transcript or per minute of audio/video basis. You can opt for either one of the options.

The price per line is for the price that you would pay for each line of 65 characters including spaces of the transcript.

The price per minute is the price that you would pay for each minute of audio/video.

When you choose to go for the price per minute option, you will be paying for each minute of audio that you upload irrespective of how many lines of transcript is generated. When you choose to go with the price per line option, you will be paying for each line of transcript generated irrespective of how many minutes the audio duration runs to.

The costing has been made based on industry averages. The cost would be more or less the same whichever option you choose to go with.

Yes, you can opt to go with one option to begin with and change the billing preference at a later date. However, you can make this change once in three months only.

A line is calculated as 65 characters including spaces.

We would take the total character count of all content including spaces that has been typed out and divide it by 65 to arrive at the line count.

No, we would not add your header and footer information to the line count.

Yes, we would add the content of the normals to the line count.

If you opt to go for a per minute of audio pricing, we would bill you for normals by line count.

You can avail free trial for 15 days, i.e. two weeks, from the day you sign up for trial. You can place your free orders for 15 days and we will deliver the transcripts in the Economy @ 5 days package.

We will transcribe 10 minutes of audio per day for 15 days or 150 minutes in total split up into 15 days or less.

We offer three billing cycles to suit your needs: Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly

If you require a billing cycle other than our regular cycles, email us at transcription@transcriptionhub.com and we would be willing to work with you to come up with a mutually agreeable billing cycle.

You can make the payment either via check or direct transfer to our bank account using wire transfer or ACH routing.

Yes, we can format the transcripts such that you can easily integrate them into your EHR/EMR system.

Yes, we can transcribe your recordings directly into your EHR/EMR system when provided with login credentials for the same.

No, we do not charge extra for transcribing directly into your EHR/EMR system.