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An overview of Transcription just describes a three level process, which are Dictation, Recording, and Transcribing. Though, there are only three processes broadly, transcription requires a detailed level of quality check before delivery.

The most important aspect of transcription is quality. Quality in transcription can be rather explained as “accuracy”. Accuracy is the base for success in transcription. The transcript or the text format should be as exact as what was dictated in the audio /video file.

Great job!!! Transcribers and the transcription companies. You do an excellent job in the documenting the audio/digital world to text format. Transcription is a sort of verbatim – a word to word transformation of audio to a text format. It doesn’t matter who is talking and what accent they may have, or the quality of the audio file/tape; you transcribe them effortlessness. Wow, you are awesome performers!!