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Audio & video transcription is something that many businesses are already very familiar with, regardless of the industry of focus. Many companies use transcription services for several needs on many occasions simply because they are cost-effective. The marketing strategy of a business is all about developing a comprehensive content marketing plan to educate customers about the benefits of a product or service.

The Internet has made the world a global village by widening the borders of business and communications. The citizens of every nation are consumers of the global markets, As a result, many industries and organizations establishing their presence in the different geographic regions to make their business globalized in a bid to attract shareholders from different countries and expand their business footprints worldwide. With access to the world now at our fingertips, Communication is the key to a globally expanded business for steady development.

It was until the iron age, Man was dependent upon his muscle power to satisfy his needs. As the human intellect developed over time the Industrial age is born and for the first time in history machines that were manufactured by humans started to do the task specified by a human. The development of new technologies over time has always been crucial for the automation of machines to do a specified task that requires the fundamentals of human intellect and intelligence. In this era of information, the possibilities of artificial intelligence are infinite.

Transcription services for video or audio that can be processed and stored in the cloud is an accurate, efficient and cost-effective means of providing valuable insights, intelligence, and data into a business’s operations and performance. Transcription is a vital part of the workflow for a broad range of professions spanning countless industries.

Why are Transcription Services Important?

Doctors, surgeons, nurses, and nurse practitioners have some of the most stressful and important jobs in the world. Not only do they have their patients’ lives in their hands, they’re urged to continue their education and constantly learn and grow to ensure they’re equipped with the latest knowledge and technology.

There’s no shortage of smart speech recognition services in the market today. After all, Alexa and Siri are rushing to dominate your living room and connected devices, so why are so many journalists still suffering through manual transcriptions of recorded interviews and videos?

As technology continues to grow and permeate throughout every aspect of our lives, companies and individuals are relying more and more on automated solutions to solve their organizational and planning issues - no matter how large or important the scale of their projects.

Especially for project managers working within a strict budget, these low-cost or free automated transcription tools offer an attractive alternative to professional transcription services that employ full-time transcriptionists and highly-accurate results.

Especially for those with strong communication skills, seeking a flexible, beneficial and rewarding career is high atop their “must-haves” when considering their professional futures. While these aren’t exclusive to people with strong writing and listening abilities, studies show that good communicators within a workplace or organization have a better opportunity to advance in their careers and earn more money than their counterparts.

Video transcription and subtitles shouldn’t be alien to any business or organization. The need to meet accessibility standards is crucial, but there’s another major benefit to adding written transcriptions of your company’s marketing, informational, and educational video materials.

While most people don’t encounter closed captioning unless they’re in a crowded bar or walking through an airport, having an accurate representation of spoken words in a visual format isn’t just an important accessibility feature for users; it’s sometimes required by law. But especially during live broadcasts or with AI-driven transcriptions of speech, these can be presented as garbled, inaccurate, and simply useless.