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Frequently Asked Questions - Privacy Policy

Transcription hub does not store credit card or debit card information.

All the employees of Transcription Hub are bound by a NONDISCLOSURE/CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT to help protect the privacy of the customers. The company also signs a NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT with the customer if requested.

Additional security is provided by password protection; the better the complexity of the password, the better the protection.

The transcripts are search engine protected and not exposed to any search engine crawls.

The transcripts are available online for a period of one year to the customer for ease of accessibility and download. The transcripts can be destroyed immediately upon receipt by the customer and request for the same. Transcription Hub only maintains digital copies of the transcripts and there are never any hard copies ever.

All audios/videos are destroyed upon completion of the transcription process. No copies are made of the audio/video for storage.

Transcription Hub is enabled with HTTPS protocol for additional security while uploading audio/videos. Transcription Hub's server is also a highly secured server.

No. Only you can access your transcripts from your account and to do that you need to login with your user id and password.