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Frequently Asked Questions - General

Yes, We do have a price calculator on our website under the price tab.

Yes. We would be happy to convert the file to .srt or .vtt format. However, we would need the following from you in order to do it.
1- Audio/ Video file for the transcript
2- The transcript file in .doc format
Please contact us to get a quote for the same.
Note: Please note that we will not be editing the transcript files you are sharing with us. We would only be formatting the file in the requested format. Any error in the transcript would still be retained in the final output.

Yes, e24 Technologies LLC is eligible to bid/work on US government contracts.

Yes, e24 Technologies LLC has a Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) Code.

Yes, e24 Technologies LLC is registered with the System for Award Management - SAM.

Yes, e24 Technologies LLC is registered with DUNS.

The first time your friend utilizes Transcription Hub's services you will automatically receive a coupon for $25 which you can utilize when you next place your next order on Transcription Hub.

To earn this $25 all you need to do is invite a friend to Transcription Hub and have them use Transcription Hub's services.

Transcription Hub offers existing customers a chance to earn a coupon for $25 which can be utilized against their purchases on Transcription Hub.

Yes, we can provide signed W9 forms.

Yes, we do sign non-disclosure agreements with people who request it. We have a regular non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement. Upon request, we will email the same to you. If this meets with your approval, we will send you a signed and scanned copy of the same via email. However, if you require us to sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement of your choice, we would be willing to sign the same. Please Contact us for more details.