More and more of the media consumed online is in video form or podcast. Much like the early trends away from newspapers and magazines shifting towards TV and radio, the Internet is becoming less text heavy and more focused on diverse forms of communicating. Unfortunately, most of the search engine infrastructures of the web are built around text and don’t take into account content within an audio or video file. This will leave your media largely unfound in the eyes of Google or Yahoo and consequently hard to find by potential viewers.

Religious Transcription Services

By: Norelle

25 Sep 2014

While transcription is commonly used in the academic world and media industry, it can be valuable in religious services as well. Transcribing a mass or sermon can provide value to the pastor, audience, members of the church, and beyond. Transcription Hub services cover a wide variety of bases, including religious transcription services for any religion—from Christianity to Judaism to Buddhism or any other. Benefits of religious transcription services include:

Yes, your turn around will be affected if you choose to use an eCheck to make your payment. Ours is a prepaid service. Hence, countdown for turnaround and transcription of audio/video starts after completion of payment process. If it takes 3-5 days for your eCheck to be cleared, then countdown for turnaround will start after 3-5 days. If you require a short turn around, we suggest you use your credit card, debit card or PayPal account to make your payment.

Why Should I Transcribe My Podcast?

By: Norelle

28 Aug 2014

So, you have solid audience for your podcast and are looking to increase that following. Ever thought of transcribing your talk show? Whether you you’re your own channel or host shows on your own site, this can be a valuable way to expand the reach of your discussion. Transcription Hub services provide accurate and affordable podcast transcription that can be valuable to your brand. Here are the top reasons why curating transcripts of your podcast is valuable:

Increases online visibility

The time taken to transcribe an audio depends on the number of words typed. The time taken to type out a dictation/audio which has very fast speaker/speakers on it will be much more than the average. Hence, if the speed is 20% above the average, ie. above 12 lines per audio minute, then we deem the audio to be difficult as it will take the transcriber that much more time to type out the content.


If you have a doubt that the speakers on your audio are very fast, you can request us to check this at the time of placing your order. You can put in your request in the Extra Notes Section. We will check your audios irrespective of whether you make this request or not. If we find the line count is higher than 12 lines per minute of audio, we will intimate you of the same. We will bill you for difficult audio if you have not paid for the same already.


The average conversion ratio of audio to text is 1:10; i.e. for one minute of audio you get 10 lines of text. One line of text is calculated as 65 characters inclusive of spaces. Hence, if the conversion ratio goes above the 1:10 ratio, the dictation/audio would be considered to be a fast dictation/audio. However, we do give a leeway of up to 12 lines per audio minute. Only dictation/audios having more than 12 lines per minute of dictation/audio will be deemed to fall under difficult audio category.


Yes, an audio where the speaker/speakers is/are very fast would be rated as difficult audio.


Medical Transcription Services

By: Norelle

29 Jul 2014

Transcription is extremely valuable in business and education in order to save time and have a record of material. In the medical industry, transcription is more than a great timesaving tool—it’s crucial to the relationship between patients and healthcare providers. The importance of quality medical transcription cannot be stressed enough. Transcription Hub offers a variety of services that include medical transcribing with the upmost precision and efficiency.

Advantages of Business Transcription

By: Norelle

30 Jun 2014

No time for frantic note taking? Didn’t catch that vital thing your boss just said? Trying to keep up with all the information given at a meeting? All of these scenarios are inevitable during the workweek and warrant reason for transcription services. Business transcription is the alteration of any work-related audio files into verbatim transcripts. This process can be a great asset to companies in all types of industries and fields for many different reasons: