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Case Study: Transcription Services for Insurance Claims Management Company

Case Study: Transcription Services for Insurance Claims Management Company


The Insurance Claims Management Company is the world’s premier provider of risk and claims management services. They process large volume of insurance claims across various industries. Due to volatility in incoming claim volume, they faced a challenge of staffing for transcription volume to meet claim processing turnaround times. Effectively managing the large volume of insurance claims in diverse fields and Keeping up with fluctuating claims demand is a crucial aspect, the insurance claims processing go higher during natural calamity and the claims will be less during holiday seasons. It is a renowned company providing insurance, risk management, and business consulting services with unparalleled excellence. Within utmost priority to maintain service levels, the company sought a partner that could address the scalability issues and deliver a high-quality product within the operating system used by the company’s claims professionals.

Quality recorded statements are one of the basic tools available to the insurance industry for the early detection of fraud. The huge volume of recorded statements must be transcribed immediately with accuracy. Many key challenges claim management company faced that demanded a change in the organisational workflow and despite having an in-house transcription team, The Claim processing was overall delayed due to increased demand for transcription and document conversion needs within the company led to the scalability issues. The Insurance Claims Management Company reached out to The Transcription Hub with a strategic decision to outsource transcription services.


The Insurance Claims Management Company availed Transcription Hub’s services for its customised solution in insurance transcripts and accuracy in transcripts and affordability with short turnaround time.The Transcription Hub services are tailored and customised based on their project needs and key part of their claim’s management process with Great Communication from our team, we have customised process &workflow for Smooth on boarding, Management of Escalation.

They leveraged our managed service contract to meet the varying demand of their recorded statements and insurance claims processing.This has helped their company with on-time claims processing, Accurate Claims submission, and Insurance Claims Management Company faced successful results with zero backlog and happy customers.Transcription Hub is committed to high-security standards with our innovative technology to process and handle valuable and sensitive documents of Insurance claims and recorded statement transcription services.

The key features of our transcription service with regards to this project were:

  • Transcription Hub team came up with a customised solution based on their project needs, which enabled quick- boarding and helped their company with on-time claims processing, accurate claims submission that led to zero backlog and happy customers.
  • Our Managed Service Contract to meet the varying demand for insurance transcriptions with innovative technology, Transcription Hub is committed to high-security standards to process and handle valuable sensitive documents of Insurance claims.
  • A turnaround time of fewer than 48 hours, as desired by the customer.
  • Excellent command over language skills such as spelling and grammar, punctuation, capitalisation rules, etc.
  • High accuracy levels were maintained including adhering to customer specifics set out for this particular client.
  • Competitive rates for huge cost savings.

Transcription Hub has managed to meet the desired turnaround time without compromising on the high accuracy level promised to the customer.


The key benefits that Insurance Claims Management Company derived from our services were:

  • The Transcription Hub worked within the systems of the claims management company to create a process that would work well for their teams and delivered a high-quality accurate transcript.
  • Increased productivity with highly accurate transcripts and delivered with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Efficient distribution of transcription workload.
  • Greatly improved turnaround times with Express service are available with turnaround times as short as 24 hours.
  • Saved precious time on re-work due to high accuracy and significant cost benefits due to competitive rates.


The Transcription Hub is a new-age transcription services company dedicated to providing cost-effective, accurate, and secure audio/video transcription and translation services. We leverage advanced technology and intelligent manpower to deliver value to our clients across the globe.

The Transcription Hub is part of e24 Technologies, LLC, a semi-automation services company powered by intelligent human resources and cutting-edge technologies. We optimally leverage these resources to transcribe and/or translate important documents with speed and accuracy.

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