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Case Study: Leading University in New York

Case Study: Leading University in New York


One of the leading universities in New York approached Transcription Hub for Transcription services on multiple research projects. Academic transcription needs are usually a complex process with top priority for accuracy and high demand for a short turn around times. A reliable and affordable academic transcription service provider is crucial for students and professors of the university.

Challenges comprised the following:

  • The students have recorded all the interviews, as part of their research and those interviewed have to be transcribed by themselves.
  • Interviews were generic and were not related to any specific topic
  • Faculty and administrative staff require their recordings transcribed
  • Multiple styles of transcription requirement by different members of the university, including absolute verbatim, intelligent verbatim, interviewee recording only for some interviews, and other custom requests
  • University in New York is not familiar with the file transfer process.
  • Students with hearing impairment or a disability that do not have access to classroom lectures or recorded interview content.
  • Researchers are expected to stay continually current with new material that needs reliable and faster recording transcription.
  • Academic transcription primarily deals with academic interviews that involve interpretation to assemble a research study, thesis, or thesis paper in a particular area.
  • Education on the file transfer process and requires highly experienced transcriptionists to interpret academic files.


Transcription Hub provided all the different styles of transcription services to University in New York as required. We rendered the transcription services from one of our global delivery centers to meet the stringent deliverables of this project. One of the major challenges of this project was to meet the turnaround time expectation of our customers.

The turnaround schedule for transcription services given to us was very short, as students of the University in New York want to complete and submit the dissertation within a short deadline. With our team of dedicated professional transcriptionists, The Transcription Hub promised to meet the short deadline of the academic students and provided accurate transcripts at affordable prices.

  • The audio recordings of academic students are difficult to interpret and With years of expertise in academic transcription, we provide reliable services that are affordable for peoples in university.
  • Our team of highly experienced professional transcriptionists can listen and interpret the audio to produce high-quality and accurate transcripts in any of the different verbatim styles that are preferred by the students and professors.
  • Easy and Intuitive file transfer process to seamlessly upload the audio and get the files transcribed at the desired time.


The key benefits that University in New York derived from our services was:

  • Accurate transcripts (98%-100% accuracy)
  • Reliable, professional transcription services are beholden to meeting deadlines. Fast turnaround time (24-48 hours)
  • Round the clock availability. No downtime and very responsive
  • Unprecedented confidentiality using multipronged privacy measures
  • Uncompromised accuracy and affordable pricing for students with a 5% discount per minute tariff.
  • We have the expertise to develop a faultless, high-quality transcript that we provide to clients in the desired format.
  • We have a team of industry experts and resources that assist us with the data enhancement & restoration process if required.

University in New York is very happy with the quality and timeliness of the services delivered and expressed complete satisfaction. Our competitive rates were appreciated by our customer, which had helped us bag this project in the initial stages


Transcription Hub is a new-age transcription services company dedicated to providing cost-effective, accurate and secure audio/video transcription and translation services. We leverage advanced technology and intelligent manpower to deliver value to our clients across the globe.

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