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Case Study: Law Enforcement Transcription Service for the City

Case Study: Law Enforcement Transcription Service for the City


At Transcription Hub we specialize in providing fast, accurate and reliable transcription services for law enforcement departments and investigators. Security and confidentiality are our top priority. The integrity of an unbroken chain of evidence is ensured and the transcripts deliverable in a short turn-around time with an accuracy rate of 98%-100% guaranteed. Professional transcription services offer affordable, reliable transcriptions of all varieties of necessary law enforcement materials.

Following are the challenges in this Project:

  • Multiple speakers, leading to difficulty and incorrect identification of speaker versus content
  • Law enforcement transcription sometimes involves audio data that has been recorded live at a crime or police scene with the use of hidden microphones.
  • Law enforcement transcript is treated as a very important official document that plays a crucial role in the related police case as well. The quality and accuracy of the transcription is crucial as per the client expectations
  • Law enforcement professionals should not be expected to spend valuable time and department resources to transcribe lengthy depositions or piles of recorded materials collected from the day-to-day interactions of all officers.


The Transcription Hub assigned a specific team to this customer. The team took appropriate measures to ensure our commitment to quality and timelines was never compromised.

Our solution consists of the following:

  • Assign a dedicated team with excellent audio and video transcription skills
  • Maintain a strict quality procedure by sending the transcribed files for a review
  • Reiterate our commitment to quality by conducting random reviews initiated by the operations manager
  • This has led to the customer coming back to us time and again every time they require transcription services, which is often
  • State of the art encryption standards and comply with legal and law requirements for data transfers in most-secured way.


  • We have the expertise to develop a faultless, high-quality transcript that we provide to clients in the desired format.
  • Accurate transcripts (98%-100% accuracy)
  • Reliable, professional transcription services are beholden to meeting deadlines. Fast turnaround time (24-48 hours)
  • Round the clock availability. No downtime and very responsive
  • Unprecedented confidentiality using multipronged privacy measures
  • For law enforcement agencies with tight budgets and restricted resources, transcription rates are priced to scale and begin at $0.75 per minute.


Transcription Hub is a new-age transcription services company dedicated to providing cost-effective, accurate and secure audio/video transcription and translation services. We leverage advanced technology and intelligent manpower to deliver value to our clients across the globe.

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