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Why you should transcribe your Audio & Video?

Why you should transcribe your Audio & Video?

By: Kevin

16 Dec 2019

Audio & video transcription is something that many businesses are already very familiar with, regardless of the industry of focus. Many companies use transcription services for several needs on many occasions simply because they are cost-effective. The marketing strategy of a business is all about developing a comprehensive content marketing plan to educate customers about the benefits of a product or service. Audio & video recordings are being used by people all over the world for several purposes. But converting these recordings to text format, which is nothing but transcription, makes work and life easier for many people. However, if you’re not already using audio transcription, chances are you don’t really understand everything there is to know about it. Let us now see why people transcribe their audio & video recordings to text format.

A single picture is equaled to 1000 words. Audio & video can be a more interactive and immersive tool to communicate with people effectively. In both the business and entertainment industry, Audio & video play a vital role. But only 8% of all businesses have at least one video on their YouTube business page. It is important to be as digitally updated as possible with your business in order to adapt to today’s competitive market. Online videos are growing popularity over the years, bringing in more and more users worldwide. Part of this craze for visuals is fuelled the massive shift towards mobile phones in recent years. Consumers across the world from different nations now regularly use mobile phones for finding deals and making any purchases.

People are fond of visuals because it is easy to pick up and gather a lot of information from a short descriptive video, making it a time-efficient form of research. If you’re looking to transform your content marketing efforts and increase traffic to your website to increase business leads, transcribing your audio & video and multimedia content into readable, searchable text formats makes a lot of sense. Businesses can use audio transcription services to transcribe their audio content to grow their brands and reach more prospects.

It’s Great for SEO Purposes

Every business owner wants their website or content to be on the top of the search results. If you’re utilizing video as a part of a greater marketing strategy, transcribing the content of the videos is a hugely beneficial strategy. Search engines like Google and Bing are so good at crawling through the web, and they index content based on relevance and quality. This includes titles, meta descriptions, and keywords within the written content to determine how and where these materials will be presented to users searching for specific information. Because the main search engines cannot read or interpret video content, they determine the quality and relevancy of information using text.
Transcribing your media through a video transcription service can save your time and develop leads for your business at steady rates. Compared to simply uploading a video to your website or YouTube, having a written transcription of everything that’s said and mentioned within the content of your video means it’s much more likely to be ranked highly in search results. By transcribing your audio to text through Audio Transcription services, you are giving the search engine bots the text content they are looking for. Your audio may not be discoverable on search engine results pages unless you turn it into text.

Easy Distribution for Wider Audience

Transcription gives your site a much better chance of being seen by as many people as possible. Not only does it feed bots with a description of your video, but it also provides available knowledge to users, giving them a chance to decide if they want to watch the video that they might have otherwise overlooked. Transcribing audio & video content through Audio transcription or video transcription services can help you to stay ahead than competitors. With presentations of modern digital media content on your website, It helps to outshine anyone in the competition with transcribed audio & video content. By outsourcing the best in class transcription service to transcribe your site contents, you can distribute text content on multiple channels without having to invest significantly invest in many resources. The transcribed media content can be distributed as E- books, online articles or blogs, Print media articles, White papers, News Letters, Manuals and E-mails, Etc.

Improved accessibility

In business models, accessibility refers to making your content suitable for people with disabilities. By transcribing your Audio & video contents through Video transcription services, you are enabling people with hearing disorders and deaf peoples can also go through your media content in the text format to have a better understanding about your business or services. Audio & video transcription services are crucial for companies and public institutions that are focused on education, Complying with ADA requirements for accessibility on the website.

Closed Caption and Foreign Language Subtitling

The Auto-captioning function on YouTube is not as effective as we need it. Because of this reason, Google won't track them for indexing and therefore it does nothing for SEO. With the help of Video transcription services, you can upload your own captions for your videos to make it more immersive and relevant in the search engine index. For companies seeking customers and increased business in foreign markets, having your website content translated into different languages can bring you more business leads from worldwide. Rather than redubbing or reproducing the entire videos, The original video can be transcribed into text and translated into different languages and distributed to wider audiences in different nations.

Transcription services are readily available and affordable. But transcribing Audio and video content takes up a lot of time and effort. Hiring a human transcription service provider can help you save your valuable time and effort with a high level of accuracy. If your business has a video content that explains the industry-specific concepts and business services, Then transcription hub is the perfect choice for you to transcribe them with the help of highly experienced professional human transcribers who served over 8000+ happy customers across the US, UK. Starting with just $0.75 per minute, The Transcription hub provides all the transcription services you need with dedication to accuracy.