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Why We Recommend Transcription Hub For Transcription Services

Why We Recommend Transcription Hub For Transcription Services

By: Kevin

20 Feb 2020

Living in the internet age can be a mixed blessing when seeking a professional transcription service company. While you can access or import digital audio or video files with a single click, you can be easily tricked, too. Indeed, even the amateur freelancers so brilliantly build their websites that you confuse them for a serious professional organization capable of delivering the most complex work with the greatest degree of precision! Then there will be ambiguous testimonials that affirm the precise work delivered at unbelievably low prices in remarkable turnaround times.

When you glance at any of that Marketing strategy of regional transcription companies, you'll see some very persuasive arguments about "going local." The firm is in your town or county. You will reach face-to-face members and they will even be giving you a cup of coffee. We speak your language and company with most notably helps the local economy, which should make you feel good about the choice. All of these points are valid and if you have a desire as a new customer to interact face-to-face with service providers, the message can resonate highly with you. Nonetheless, none of those factors have anything to do with the key selection criteria that consumers use to choose a professional transcription service — specifically, accuracy, speed, and competitive prices.

The skilled transcription firms that work on a global scale, the regional position problem has now become an opportunity to offer their clients improved customer service. Overseas providers have started offering service bundles in the absence of a local office down the street that answers any and all questions consumers may have about the distance problem. The staff's experience and expertise are consistent and verifiable, and the successful companies today provide a three-tier quality control process that includes the final review of client reports by subject matter experts to ensure maximum accuracy achievable.

For those clients worried about the security of their confidential documents, professional transcription services provide robust document security, including firewall and web server antivirus safety, data encryption for all customer information, and real-time tracking and auditing of delegated transcriptionist access to customer ventures. For consumers looking to obtain the maximum degree of consistency at the most affordable price, the regional position of the professional applicant will bear far less weight than the skill and knowledge of the professionals employed on the reports, and the thorough review that their research would provide from established quality assurance specialists.
There are different elements that determine the level of precision that can be accomplished under customer and transcription service provider. The best foundation for a reliable transcript is to provide a high-quality source file of comprehensible material, presented with a well-paced and consistent grammar. The more relevant documents you can provide to clarify any potential confusion about titles, acronyms, words, or vocabulary, the fewer problems or complications you can encounter from a puzzled transcriptionist requesting clarity or material review.

Make sure you assess the efficiency of the services provided carefully. A minimum of 99% accuracy is necessary for accurate transcripts. Check out how you can ensure this if you are reporting high accuracy. and look at the robustness of their quality control protocols and if they are ISO accredited or not. Does the tariff sound realistic? Some vendors enjoy putting out incredibly cheap prices every minute. Nonetheless, it is everyone's opinion about whether they are really able to guarantee quality and accuracy. When you choose the cheapest option, you might end up spending it on a second supplier, or waste your own time doing it again.

The credentials of those who will be working on your project are another important thing to consider. Native language speakers, subject matter experts, top university students, and qualified content analysts will be the strongest transcribers. Their expertise would enable them to pick up on the weaker aspects of transcription, such as dialects, slang, colloquialisms and other cultural variations while improving overall efficiency. It is important for your transcription service provider to have a robust internal process. It means that they are able to maintain the confidentiality of the information contained in your audio files and avoid any sensitive data from leaking out. Choose only an ISO Information Security Certification provider for peace of mind.

It is critical to choose a provider with this expertise if your projects are massive and you are searching for bulk transcription services. If not, the transcripts can be provided at a later time, and with mistakes, because of an inability to do so. Another factor to consider when selecting a transcription service provider is their ability to check who they claim they are. Take a look at examples of their previous work to see what they are capable of. Additionally, read the references and testimonials on their website as well as on third-party sites.

A professional transcription company would usually ask for more details, often at the cost of antagonizing a frazzled customer who is focused primarily on a fast-approaching deadline. The goal here is not to up-sell, but rather to ensure that in the future you, as the consumer, receive the best end product available and continue to use their services several times again.