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Why Should I Transcribe My Podcast?

Why Should I Transcribe My Podcast?

By: Norelle

28 Aug 2014

So, you have solid audience for your podcast and are looking to increase that following. Ever thought of transcribing your talk show? Whether you you’re your own channel or host shows on your own site, this can be a valuable way to expand the reach of your discussion. Transcription Hub services provide accurate and affordable podcast transcription that can be valuable to your brand. Here are the top reasons why curating transcripts of your podcast is valuable:

Increases online visibility
Having a written version of your podcast will allow search engines to track it through search engine optimization. Keyword searches will pinpoint the text, which will increase relevancy and search ability within your industry. When your podcast is more searchable, it is more sharable, leading to better search rankings and increasing traffic to your channel. A written document will also allow you to add clickable links to sources you mention in the podcast.

Reach a broader audience
As the market for podcasts grows, it’s important to adapt so that your content will reach more consumers. Written documents will include audience members with hearing impairments, or those who prefer to read over listen. Those who aren’t able to listen due to technology troubles can download a PDF or readable version of your podcast in the same way that subscribers listen to it, in turn increasing subscriptions.

Keeps a record
Having a written document to keep on file will allow you to refer back to previous podcasts when necessary, as well as provide a resource for others to use for research or sharing. A tangible version will allow content to be consumed much faster by yourself and others. It’s also simply a smart idea to have documentation in case something gets lost in translation on air.

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