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Why PodCast Transcription, do not loose on it

Why PodCast Transcription, do not loose on it

By: Kevin

27 May 2010

Great job!!! Transcribers and the transcription companies. You do an excellent job in the documenting the audio/digital world to text format. Transcription is a sort of verbatim – a word to word transformation of audio to a text format. It doesn’t matter who is talking and what accent they may have, or the quality of the audio file/tape; you transcribe them effortlessness. Wow, you are awesome performers!!

Today in this advanced world of internet technology, transcription has been revolutionized by cutting its boundaries and spreading itself; showing its significance all over the world. Transcription branched out to Medical Transcription, Legal Transcription, Business Transcription, and also General Transcription. General Transcription covers a wide spectrum of area from important official discussions to a casual chat carried out in hotels. Their can be a wide variety of voice recognition software available in the market, but you will agree nothing can match or beat the brains of the Transcribers, who can deliver 100% quality. Keep it up!

Transcription service has come into more demand for the newly emerged audio/video broadcasting technology called PodCast. PodCast is like broadcasting a show that someone has created for an audience. PodCasting is the method of distributing files, or information (Audio/Video) over the internet for the audience to listen or view.

The benefit of PodCasting are, instead of you going after the information you are given the opportunity to have information coming to you. It is very feasible as you can download any PodCast on to your portable device you can listen to it on your computer. It is even used by the kids that are using there iPod to listen to lessons or lectures. You may think why transcribe the PodCasting when it is already available in the Audio/Video format? Following are the major factors which demands each and every PodCaster to be transcribe their content

Since PodCast are audio/video formatted they are not easily indexed and searchable by using the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc…)
Publishing the PodCast in the internet means it is targeted towards the global audience; your global audience can be in China, India, Australia, USA or elsewhere. Having the PodCast Transcribed reduces the “Accent” barrier for your global audience.

Not to mention your audience who have some kind of hearing problem and hence don’t get the opportunity to hear your PodCast. This number can be significant.

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