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Why human Transcription is preferred in Insurance Industry

Why human Transcription is preferred in Insurance Industry

By: Kevin

29 Jul 2021

For any Insurance Industry, precision is an inevitable element during Transcription. However, the mechanisms to achieve it are manifold. Even with advancements in speech recognition software, human transcriptionists possibly still provide the most accurate transcription services. The adjusters, supervisor, or claims manager, who work on an insurance claim will have to multi-task due to the extensive exercise that comes their way. Therefore, the availability of a human transcript becomes a vital point, as the tasks can be completed on time. A delay, due to the inaccuracy of the transcript caused due to a rework could have ripple effects on the precious time of the claims manager or the Insurance company.

Accurate Insurance transcription also ensures on-time settlements of any insurance case and allows companies to speed up the process of the claims investigation. With expertise and experience, a reliable transcription service provider will be able to transcribe the conversation, interviews, dictations, or any other content within the specified deadline without any compromise on precision. This is achievable by having an experienced human transcription service provider in the business.

At Transcription Hub, All our transcription projects are handled by a professional and experienced human workforce who are familiar with the insurance industry standards and verbatims to ensure 99% accuracy. Our professional human transcribers will process your audio or video content and convert them into transcripts in your requested format. With a multi-level transcription quality control process we ensure to deliver the transcripts with utmost accuracy.

Here is a list of insurance transcription services that we offer:

We strive to make privacy and security a top priority to remain compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other federal regulations.

The reports we generate are many and to name but a few

* Claims
* Field investigations for theft, property damage, accidents, etc.
* Recorded statements,
* Summary reports,
* Fraud investigation/probes reports,
* Insurance claimant statements,
* Insurance interviews,
* Telephone conversations,
* Insurance meetings,
* Carriers insurance,
* Third-party administrators insurance, and
* Independent adjusters insurance etc.

At Transcription Hub we process tens of thousands of pages of recorded statements each month for our clients. We also specialize in transcribing all insurance-related audio in a secure online environment. Our specialization includes providing a scalable and customized solution to our prestigious clients which are tailored based on their needs. We pride ourselves on building a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship with our customers. What sets us apart is how we take the time to get to know the unique transcription needs of your company & work accordingly.

Provide accurate and reliable data

A human transcription service is a go-to option when clarity and accuracy are paramount. Human Transcription has been considered as the stroke of advantage, especially for the Insurance industry having specialized and trained individuals who accurately transcribe provided data, conversations, and interviews to reliable documents. With the legally binding system in Insurance documents, ample care and precision are taken to ensure a premium standard of work.

Verbatim Transcription:

An exceptional human transcriptionist can provide a clear and accurate account of all overt facts as well as the non-lexical conversation sounds, also called interjections like "um", and nonverbal cues. Moreover, the effect of this is absolute precision, as any point of the document is matched to the accompanying visual or audio representation.

It also enables the Transcriptionist to have a better understanding of how the interviewees communicated to ascertain the exact meaning of the speech. Later, there will be a quality control process to make sure there are no errors as they may affect any of the parties involved in the process. Thus, having professional human transcriptionists at the Transcription Hub enables us to achieve the highest standards and will convert your files into verbatim transcripts with no additional cost. We also employ multilingual transcribers for our translation projects with experience providing text-to-text, audio-to-text, or verbatim translations in 35+ languages.

Capability to handle background noise

The biggest advantage human transcriptionists have over automated transcription software or AI mechanisms is the natural capability to filter through background noise. When a claimant makes a claim or delivers a statement over a call, there is high feasibility that the conversation will have bad background noise. In such cases, humans can filter through background noise and can deliver an accurate transcript. Whereas, on the other hand, the automated transcription faces a difficult time handling the background noise as a result of; inaccurate transcription or a complete rejection of the audio file.

Understanding accents and dialects

Assume transcribing insurance audio, with the conversation between an adjuster and a claimant with distinctive accents and dialects. This is a huge obstacle faced by automated transcription. As Humans are continually exposed to varying dialects and accents, no matter the speaker's linguistic approach, the innate ability enables humans to produce precise transcripts. Transcription Hub takes pride in offering high-quality transcription services on Insurance audios with varying accents. Our team of professional transcribers also has extensive experience in multiple fields. So, our terminology management glossary covers all of your industry-specific terms.

Human transcription is also the best option when the audio files feature multiple speakers with overlapping conversations. Humans can effectively handle interrupted speech patterns present in recorded statement transcripts and can get them in a specific template based on the requirement. Human Transcription provides an option to refer to a glossary or supporting document while transcribing. Humans are also designed to handle and decipher technical and industry-specific jargon very efficiently.

When it comes to advanced and excellent transcription services, Transcription Hub has an expert team of transcriptionists who can provide you with the best work in the industry today. We are the trusted insurance vendor for many of the leading insurance companies across the US with a record of transcribing more than 5 million minutes. If you are looking for reliable insurance transcription services to streamline your investigation processes and claims, feel free to get in touch with our consultants and get your transcripts with no delay.