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Why do people transcribe their audio/video recordings to text?

Why do people transcribe their audio/video recordings to text?

By: Kevin

28 Apr 2016

Audio/video recordings are being used by people all over the world. But converting these recordings to text format, which is nothing but transcription, makes life easier for many people. Let us now see why people transcribe their audio/video recordings to text format.

When you reference to an mp3 file that is recorded after a meeting, phone call, interview, or broadcast, it can be very hard to find specific information. A transcribed text will allow you easy access to this information. Transcribing the recording also enables you to read, organize, and archive this information for later use.

Let us take an example. You have just finished a meeting with a potential client. During this meeting, you recorded the conversation to reference later in mp3 format. You start to work on designs for your client, but you are not able to remember those specific details you discussed with your client during the meeting. In such a situation, you usually go back and listen through the entire audio for the sentence during which you discussed the details. Normally, this will take a lot of your time and effort.

When you have the mp3 audio transcribed to text, the transcription service will provide you with a document that is readable and also allows you to easily search for the missing details. You need not exchange numerous emails with your client, asking for what the client wanted. Using the transcribed texts, you can finish the project accurately and also quickly, thereby making your client happy with your work. You can also save money and effort that can be spent on increasing your productivity. Thus, we can see that transcribed texts are easily searchable.

Let us take another scenario. When you are organizing corporate events like a business seminar, you would like your guests to extract the most out of the events. They can record the various presentations and question and answer sessions, but how much, do you think, can you extract from a recording?

You might need to publish the best parts from the event on your blog or website; or, you might need to send key extracts from the event to all participants. Here enters transcription. Using the transcribed texts, you can easily publish sections of the event on your blog or website.

Another major use of transcription is for the hearing-impaired. The hearing-impaired people who cannot listen to audio/video recordings can easily read transcribed texts.

Thus, we have seen the various reasons for people transcribing their audio/video recordings to text.