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Why Data Security Is Important In Insurance Transcription

Why Data Security Is Important In Insurance Transcription

By: Kevin

17 Aug 2021

Confidentiality and Security have always been the top priorities of any company dealing with data and information. Fortunately, with the advent of technology, the task to secure the valuable data of a customer can be ensured. While a lot of service providers claim to have a clear understanding of confidentiality and data privacy, choosing the best provider who values and understands the significance of the client’s data will be a challenging prospect. Nevertheless, we got you covered as we pen down the nuances of data security, especially in the Insurance sector.

The most important prerequisite for any Insurance Transcription provider is, perhaps data security. While the clients provide the transcription service provider with their most private details for transcription, the data must be secured. Throughout the course of the liability investigation and settlement, claimants and policyholders often provide very personal information. This commonly includes driver’s license numbers, social security numbers, medical history, and much more personal data than any person wouldn’t want falling into the wrong hands. The data, if leaked out, will have serious repercussions for the Insurance company and will create a dent in the image of the service provider. Thus, it becomes paramount importance of insurers and outsourced agents to take data security very seriously,

At Transcription Hub, we assure our clients with our prowess in the field, having an impregnable system from all sorts of data security breaches. We have incorporated the toughest security measures to keep the data secured. As we provide data security in the true sense of the term, we have earned clients across the globe whose data is absolutely safe in our hands.

Oath of Confidentiality
The transcription hub is committed to signing an NDA, before taking up the project to provide safe and secure transcription services. The NDA will symbolize the commitment of the company not to reveal, report and disseminate information of the Insurance company. Until the NDA has been registered, the confidentiality of the data will rest with the provider. The Insurance companies have also got an option to file litigation against transcription companies that do not adhere to the NDA policy.

Rational security policies
As data security is a matter which no company can afford to ignore, the service providers should comply with the GDPR and HIPAA. The General Data Protection Regulation is an international guideline applied for best practices in data protection. All the organizations that come under the ambit of the European Union must adhere to the policy. Therefore, the transcription service provider will provide data protection measures that are consistent and go in hand with GDPR. The GDPR is a way to make sure that the interview between an adjuster and a claimant is treated with stringent protection controls. Any Insurance firm has the right to get compensation if the data is mishandled with a breach of confidentiality,

We strive to make privacy and security a top priority to remain compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other federal regulations. HIPAA safeguards all sensitive medical and health information in an electronic form. These two policies warrant a transcription service that handles data with stringent security measures and privacy restrictions.

At Transcription Hub, we will protect and safeguard your personal information or any kind of confidential information by reasonable security safeguards against loss or theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, or modification.

Eye on platform security
At any insurance transcription, be it an interview, investigation, or a regular meeting with a claimant, platform security becomes a vital factor. A transcription company that is serious about the client data will ensure that the data received is streamlined through a secure and encrypted work delivery platform. Therefore, the conversations with prospective hires and consumer analysis reviews will be held under wraps to remain compliant with data privacy legislation and ethical conduct.

Transcription Hub is enabled with HTTPS protocol (HTTPS/SSL Message and Attachment Encryption) for additional security while uploading audio/videos. Transcription Hub servers are also highly secured and all our user accounts are protected by a password. The transcripts can be accessed from the user’s account and to do that the user needs to log in with their user id and password. Multiple layers of authentication protect both sender and receiver, including password protection, site images, and session management.

All files are scanned for malware/virus protection. The transcripts are available online for a period of one year to the customer for ease of accessibility and download. We only maintain digital copies of the transcripts and there are never any hard copies ever. Upon completion of the transcription job, we will be sending the transcript to the customer's registered email address.

Finding a Partner You Can Trust
Strong security measures in place and appropriate safeguarding technology can avoid any breach for your firm. Besides negotiations and theft identification, information and confidential data about your customers could end up being released to your competitors if you work with a transcription service provider with subpar data security measures. Your adverse carriers working on the opposite side of a claim negotiation can also be largely benefitted by the data leaked. This can be avoided in the first place if you find a trustable partner.

At Transcription Hub, we take data protection with utmost seriousness. With high expertise and credibility among our clients with our steward service for more than 10 years in the industry, years doing service, we assure zero data breaches. We have credibility among our clients with our steward service and have elite clients who trust our capabilities. Furthermore, when it comes to security and privacy, we stand tall in meeting and exceeding industry standards.