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What is Verbatim Transcription and why is it important in the Insurance industry?

What is Verbatim Transcription and why is it important in the Insurance industry?

By: Kevin

5 Aug 2021

Transcriptionists are trained and skillful to look after the small words or phrases that might be regarded as unimportant. The words like ‘you know, ‘uhh’ or ‘I mean’ can be missed or omitted during a transcription. These words seem to be trivial and do not add any value to detail on a claim. Nevertheless, a significant detail can be missed if you do not have a transcription service provider who has a well-trained staff. All these words can be a vital point during an insurance investigation or any sort of interview or suspect interrogation. All details add value.

What is a Verbatim Transcription

A verbatim transcript store/preserves every single text extracted from an audio file, just the same as such words and phrases were spoken during an interview between a claimant and an insurance adjuster. A verbatim transcript is useful to comprehend the context, using the linguistic signs, filler words, false endings, and other grammatical errors.

Every non-verbal utterance, stuttering, stammering, filler words, repeated sentences, non-verbal nods like “yeah” and “um hmm", labeling of laughter, chuckles, clearing throat, incorrect endings, self-corrections, pauses, and injections, that are non-speech sounds are technically given attention while doing a verbatim transcription. This transcription requires patience and is time-consuming as each critical aspect of the audio is given special heed.

Why Insurance industry look for Verbatim transcription

The purpose of having a recording statement transcribed is to revisit/ verify it at a later point in time. The transcript must be a conclusive document that would clearly convey the reasoning or context of the statement issued by the speaker only if it is captured as it is spoken. It is not uncommon for people to say ‘well’ and ‘you know’ rapidly while answering a question posed by an insurance adjuster or a manager. These words, perhaps phrases are inevitable while speaking or giving a repartee to a question. Oftentimes, the outburst of agitation and distress can be converted into words when spoken, just because a claimant experienced a major life event.

During an investigation of a claim, a recorded statement becomes a key piece of evidence. Therefore to determine the impact of a claim, an insurance manager could ask for a claim recording to be prepared. These files must be verbatim to ensure that the details are captured in the best possible way to understand the context of the statement issued by the person.

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Precision is the key

Verbatim transcription is considered to be more time-consuming to create, than paraphrasing. Besides, it has been regarded as a valuable mechanism in the insurance industry that includes interviews with claimants, inquiries, interrogation, and other means of conversation. When an insurance adjuster communicates with a claimant for a claims process, the adjuster pays attention to their actions or vocal answers as they are equally critical. Throughout the verbatim Transcription process, every word, comma, and interjection are translated into text format leaving no expectations of emotions like laughing, sneezing, and coughing. These actions are meticulously listened to and drafted in the process. To describe it in nutshell, the effect of this is absolute precision, as any point of the document is matched to the accompanying visual or audio representation.

Adds advantage to decipher overlapping voices:

While a transcriptionist works on a verbatim transcription, even the speech inflections are noted and are represented by distinct punctuation types that help to interpret the pitch and tone of a speaker. However, when several speakers are present, an exceptional verbatim transcriptionist can provide an accurate and clear account of all overt facts as well as “um,” and nonverbal cues. The overlapping voices can be accurately deciphered that can help a claims investigation.

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Strict and Intelligent Verbatim Transcription

Strict verbatim often called ‘true verbatim’, or ‘full verbatim’, transfers the spoken word, precisely how it is heard into text, letter-for-letter, and word-for-word. This transcription includes every word, sound, and utterance that is recorded; including pauses, coughs, laughter, and any filler words such as “uh”, “like” and “you know”.

Meanwhile, Intelligent Verbatim Transcription cuts out any repetition and stuttering to make for an easier read, this type of transcription gives a cleaned-up-version recording the content without false starts, pauses, and linguistic errors. This transcription usually produces an edited version of the recorded statements. This helps to capture the central theme of the conversation, although it just focuses on what was said rather than capturing in what context it was spoken. In this type of transcription, it is allowed for the transcriber to have some level of discretion from their experience to omit certain elements if they add no meaning to the script. Accordingly, verbatim transcription is much more effective to gauge the tone of a claimant during an insurance interview.

Thankfully, at Transcription Hub, we offer both the services upon request and engage professional human transcribers for verbatim transcription who are experts in providing 99% accuracy. We have a successful track record and have established a benchmark of providing accurate, timely, and intelligible transcripts.

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