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What are Dissertations and why they need Transcription help?

What are Dissertations and why they need Transcription help?

By: DaveT

1 Apr 2016

Today, transcription services are being widely used in various fields. Students and Professors use them at a great extent. Let us see how transcription services help students with their dissertations. A dissertation is a lengthy piece of work which is divided into chapters, covers a subject in detail and is done as part of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

While writing dissertations you take up an extensive research program, choose a subject of your own and define its scope and nature. A dissertation is the longest and the most important assignment for many students and it requires a lot of hard work and months of preparation. Dissertations are often independent projects, but usually there is some guidance from the tutors.

Usually, students lose valuable time and effort over the preparation of a dissertation. This is because the dissertation is their ticket to the degree or job that they dream of. Students also spend most of their time & effort on researching and studying. They need to juggle between studying and doing dissertation work.

Transcription services reduce the burden on students’ shoulders by transcribing their research material from interviews, audio recordings, lectures, conferences and seminars. Transcription service can be used to convert all audio into text, to document research papers and to compile them into the dissertation format.

Qualified transcriptionists have the ability to document your rough notes, press clippings, audio files and PowerPoint presentations. The finished dissertation transcriptions can also be proofread many times to make sure that they are accurate.

Often, students have to deal with poor audio quality or heavy accents. But they have the necessity to transcribe all of this audio content into written text, in order to organize their dissertations. Transcriptionists take up this work for the students.

When students outsource their dissertation to transcription services, they can be assured of 99.9% accuracy. Many of these services offer affordable costs and fast turnaround times. Thus, we can see the difficulties that students face with their dissertations and the ways in which transcription helps them in overcoming these difficulties.