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Turn Around Time (TAT) in Transcription

Turn Around Time (TAT) in Transcription

By: Kevin

28 May 2010

Turn Around Time or TAT is a key watchword in the transcription industry. It is actually the golden rule, which draws the line of control in this industry. Happy customers = On-time TAT with high quality.

Why TAT is very important?? It is something like being “Right on time each and every time” and it speaks the language of discipline.

TAT varies by customer, vertical and the type of transcription.

TAT for PodCast Transcription is normally around 24 hrs to 36 hrs and some times it is less than 24 hrs based on PodCast audience. The sooner they transcript the PodCast the soon it will be indexed by the search engines. Some example of PodCast using transcripts at Jason Van Orden

On the other hand the Business Transcription for Quarterly Financial results, Investor conferences calls, Interviews, Group discussions etc will some time require real time transcription which demands 6 hrs to 8 hrs TAT.

TAT coupled with quality is only the key to the long-term success in the world of transcription. Turn-Around-Time is a key factor in transcription that gauges the reliability, commitment, and the quality of transcription business.

The secret of the transcription industry lies on the TAT and quality. For inquires or comments please Contact us