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Transcription Statistics

Transcription Statistics

By: Kevin

28 May 2010

Anyone can easily define transcription, transcription is a process of listening to an audio file, and typing it verbatim, and converting into a text format. Does it sound simple..huh?

An average person talks about 140 words per minute. Thank God, what a rate of speech!! Each word in English contains an average of 4.5 letters per word ie., 140*4.5=630 characters, and as per calculation 170 characters will accommodate as punctuations for this count of 630. Summing it up, a person speaks to 800 [630+170] characters approximately, which should be exactly converted into text form by the transcribers.

And an average transcriber types 60 words approximately per minute. When calculated, 270 characters[60*4.5], approximate punctuations will count to 70 characters, which will come to 340[270+70] characters typed per minute.

On the ratio point of view, it is 800 characters speech : 340 characters of typing. While thinking on it, it comes to 2.35 times of typing for every character that is spoken ie., it takes 2.35 times of typing ability of a transcriber for 1 character that is being spoken out, further breaking it down, it is 2.35 minutes of transcribing for 1 minute of talking. This is the criterion, which is being taken into consideration for fixing up the Turn Around Time for every audio file that is to be transcribed.

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