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Transcription for Professors

Transcription for Professors

By: admin

6 Jul 2016

Professors and Lectures are the two terms inseparable in academic circles in any part of the globe and geographic or other barriers don’t make a difference. Similarly, comprehension and retention, are the two vital aspects, needed to achieve the ultimate goal of academic excellence. Only if there’s clear comprehension of what one learns, there’ll be a strong
foundation that’s facilitated by retention.

Though acquiring knowledge or skills is the basic objective of any college or university course, examinations and other forms of assessments on performance are the tools used for gauge the levels of knowledge and acquired. These are mandatory activities both during and post course and ultimately for the purpose of awarding certifications.

Obstacles in achieving Comprehension and Retention:

But many factors affect the comprehension and the subsequent retention ability of students. Basically for many students, jotting down the notes while the professors deliver their lectures, itself would be an uphill task due to the pace. Globalization, has opened the gates of universities and other places of higher learning to a number of students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

It’s well known in the educational institutions of USA, UK and Australia, thousands of students from different continents get admitted in to them for graduation to doctoral level studies. Most of these students will be unfamiliar with content and vocabulary. This apart, students at risk, as those physical and learning disabilities do also form a good chunk of student general.

The Professors who form part of the faculties, everyone of them will have different styles and speed in which they deliver their lectures on lessons. Basically for many students, jotting down the notes while the professors deliver their lectures,itself would be an uphill task due to the pace. Here comes the issue of course accessibility, Mere presence and listening alone can not necessarily lead to real comprehension of the subject matter of Lessons. New approaches are being attempted towards achieving the objective of ensuring the students, maximum degree of comprehension and retention of their lessons.

Demerits of Software oriented transcription:

Software backed speech recognition and text conversion are tried. But the typical drawbacks inherent to such automated methods tend to spoil the very objective. Background noise, inaccurate recognition of voice and texting by artificial intelligence based software, many a time prove to disappoint the professors, who put in enormous volume of time and energy on preparation and delivery of every lecture This could help school students that may have to do mostly with stereo
type lessons but not at higher levels. Thus, this falls short of fulfilling the very objective.

Transcription Hub for Professors :

Such loopholes in automated transcription systems can only be eliminated through manual Transcription of the lectures of professors. Transcription Hub does that with almost close to 100% accuracy, that too in quickest turnaround time. Here we have a pool of transcriptionists, with experience from varied backgrounds, especially in different disciplines of higher learning

We call all the professors, who struggle in their valuable efforts in making their students comprehend and and retain the lessons in the way they want it to be. Experience the difference at Transcription Hub with what we do with our perfect Human touch to your scholarly lectures.