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Transcription for Market Research

Transcription for Market Research

By: admin

27 Jun 2016

Market research is a vital tool for businesses of all nature and sizes. Be it for launching a new product or service or improving upon the existing ones, it has become a must do act. Market Research is done through a variety of methods, in the current scenario.

Qualitative data collection for Market Research scores over Qualitative one, for its much more foolproof information on customer’s expectations and preferences. Methods like the Voice of Customer or VOC as it is called in short play a pivotal role in market research. Such methods comprise mainly of Individual interviews and Focus group interactions.

While individual interviews may last for 15minutes and in some cases up to an hour, Focus group interactions could well go on for even two hours, since it involves a number of persons. The personal interviews will be in depth in nature
Hence such files consist of huge volumes of records. This makes the activities of identification, analyzing and monitoring of customers that is the objective of this qualitative data; burdensome and extremely difficult. And the strain is bound to take a heavy toll of the personnel that are involved in the work.

And automatically such inaccurate analysis of audio records will lead to misinformed decision making. Many studies have clearly demonstrated that, if these audio files are converted in to text form, that will go a long way in saving time, energy and ultimately the cost on labor.

And now Transcription Hub with its nearly two decades of transcription experience and association of reputed corporate behind it, offers customized services for Market research related issues. Here we have a pool of transcriptionists with product and service specific transcription experience.

They will transcribe your audio files with close to 100% accuracy and we have one of the quickest turnaround time. Together with the above, Transcription Hub guarantees you to maintain your confidentiality above all. To put it in a nutshell, we assure that our pricing policy could be flexible but our quality will always be impeccable