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Transcript to YouTube videos to improve SEO

Transcript to YouTube videos to improve SEO

By: Kevin

21 May 2013

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Speaker: Okay, so the first thing we want to do is find a video that we can upload a transcript for and I’ve got one right here in my YouTube channel, it’s for Sam Olens who is running for Attorney General of Georgia. And if you’ve uploaded videos to YouTube before you know that you provide a title for your video as well as a short description and tags and search engines, because this is all text its index-able by Google and Yahoo and all the other search engines and those search engines will use that text information to determine the content of your video.

‘I am Sam Olens and I want to be your next Attorney General’.

The problem is Sam has got a lot to say in this video and because none of that information is text based it’s not going to be index-able that’s why we want to upload a transcript. So what I’ve done is I’ve taken everything that Sam has said in his video and I’ve typed it out in Word, it’s a short video so it’s not too long of a file here. Its basic text, there is no code or anything fancy, I am just going to highlight that text, copy it, and I am going to go to text edit, which is a default text editor here on the Mac, and I am going to paste that file and I am just going to save it as, transcript.txt.

Okay, I am going to go back to my YouTube channel here, and if you are logged in on YouTube you can just go to your dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner and you will go to My Videos and find the video that you want to upload the transcript to, here it is, and you will actually go to the captions button. Now transcript is not a caption but they are right here in the same spot on YouTube, so I’ve got to add new captions for transcript, and then I want to file browse, find your file, hit okay and for type you want to make sure that you hit the transcript file.

Now the difference between the transcript file and the caption is the caption is, it’s a different type of file for one thing and also it has timecode information. Transcript is just text, so we are going to hit transcript and you can give it a name if you want, that’s optional, and ‘upload file’. And you will see it says English processing.

Now I should mention it is possible to upload a Word document here with the .doc file extension and that works pretty well, there will be a few character issues here and there, that’s why I am using text edit and I believe if you are using a PC you should be able to use WordPad to achieve slightly better results.

Now what YouTube is doing, this is actually kind of neat, it’s using its speech recognition technology and using the transcript file that I’ve provided and it’s trying to find where those words line up with what he is saying on the video, and it does a pretty good job of it too; if you’ve ever used the speech recognition in YouTube you will know that it can often get your words wrong, it’s not very good, but when you provide the text file it actually improves quite a bit.

Now you can see it’s finished and if I come down here and play the video.

‘I am Sam Olens and I want to be your next Attorney General’.

You can see here at the bottom, now we can actually read what he is saying.

‘This is a great opportunity for a Republican…’

And it kind of follows along with what he is saying, it’s actually pretty good.

‘I hope you will take the time to get…’

And this is all text, it’s now index-able by every search engine. Now if I go back out to the main page that people will see when they watch the video, you will see here now there is a interactive transcript tab; if I click on that it will drop down here and you see it follows along as he talks, it’s really kind of neat and it’s generated all the timecode information its needs to do that.

And you can also toggle off the transcript just like you would captions. It’s actually right next to the soccer, that soccer button. So this is how you upload a transcript to your videos on YouTube, try it on your videos and see how it works and I hope this has been helpful.

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