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Transcribing Interviews

Transcribing Interviews

By: shruti.prasad@t...

19 Jan 2016

Don’t we often watch with avid interest an interview of a famous personality on TV? We also follow press reports of what politicians or other public figures have to say. Transcription of an interview live or recorded, audio or video, is vital to both interviewer and interviewee.

Here are three major reasons why you need to transcribe your interviews today:

1) Visualize the though flow:
Often times, we have mental notes and points we think fit the scenario, but very often, they seem misplaced or forgotten when actually put in spoken words. Having a physical transcribe of your interview will help you visually picture the storyboard and help take great points and references for those follow up questions, if any.

2) Avoid wear-and-tear of the recording:
Lets face it, it’s not fun when you have to constantly flip between the fast-forward and rewind button to find what you’re looking for. Not only is it time consuming but it can potentially ruin recordings. Transcribing interviews makes it easy to find content you are looking for, and also makes it easy to share and make reference notes.

3) Comprehension:
No matter how articulate an interview is, there could be a distortion in the recording, ambiguity in words or an accent. Transcribing these recordings makes it easier from a reference point of view.

If you have a collection of interview that you’d like to use and share online for reference and research purposes, we can help you with that.