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Top Three Translation Services Today

Top Three Translation Services Today

By: shruti.prasad@t...

20 Jan 2016

I am sure you’ve realized how small the world is becoming. How many times a day do you Google search for something related to your industry? And how many times do you land on a page that is in a totally different language? Recent studies have shown that the top three translation services have been Medical Translation, Legal Translation and Technology Translation.

1. Medical Translation:
Every medical professional understands that clearly communicating with patients is crucial and complicated. There are different layers to this communication, and can pose to be challenging even when they speak the same professional language. One needs to understand the nuances of the language they are translating from and understand all of the inherent and potential meanings of everything said. While the world is moving towards global terminologies and practices, we know how much they differ across the borders. The medical industry realizes the necessity of what total fluency is and how it’s required more than ever before to be effective in communicating with patients.

2. Legal Translation:
Laws and codes varies and differs from country to country. They are devised and practiced keeping in mind the culture, attitude and nature of the citizens of the country. The legal terminology is complex, vast and then there is a chance that it can be reginal and as old as time. It simply means a translator has to describe the procedure, meaning and relevance of legal matters, without changing the original meaning of the legal document. Mistakes in legal translations could lead to miss-judgement, miss-information not only affecting an individual, but also security and diplomatic measures.

3. Technical Translation:
Wikipedia says it’s a “type of specialized translation involving the translation of documents produced by technical writers, or texts which relate to technological subject areas or technological information.” Most of these documents accompany your products and end up being published on websites as well – this will be your most read and referred document; it can market and sell your product or service. It must convey important and often complex technical and procedural information accurately and concisely translated in multiple languages, whilst being delivered in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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