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Top Perks of Video Transcription in the Internet Era

Top Perks of Video Transcription in the Internet Era

By: admin

17 Mar 2017

If your business that incorporates video presentations, interviews, or informational clips on your website, you’re doing yourself and your users a disservice if you’re not taking advantage of cost-effective video transcription services.

Despite the dawn of YouTube, streaming video, and a more visually-focused Internet, search engines still largely rely on the power of the written word to find and present the best, most relevant information to their users. That means if you’re not providing quality written content alongside your videos, it’s going to be harder for potential customers to find you during their research. More importantly, if you’re affiliated with a public institution such as a university or government agency, your lack of accompanying text may violate accessibility laws.

But there are even more reasons to add text to your web videos that go beyond the previous points of emphasis, such as:

Archival Aspects

Just as we’ve seen in so many social networks, popular websites, and online services, there’s no guarantee that video player you’re using to host your videos will be an accepted standard in the future. That can cause problems for companies and organizations that want to ensure their content can be easily accessed in the future. Text and the written word, if history is to be believed, will probably be around for a while.

Content Diversity

Compared to relying solely on video, it’s much easier for someone to quote your content in a social media post or blog if it’s in a text format. Using video transcription can help your site attract more traffic from a wider variety of sources than simply posting a video on YouTube.

Increased Ease of Use

Especially important in how-to videos and longer subjects like interviews or lectures, keeping your content search-friendly is key. By providing a written version of your videos, your users will be able to quickly hunt down and find the right information without scrubbing through an entire video.

Translation = Engagement

YouTube recently implemented automatic translation services in its video player. However, it’s clear that the system is far from perfect and is highly inaccurate without a reliable human-produced caption available. Studies have shown engagement and traffic may increase between 20-60% if videos are translated with higher degrees of accuracy.

Better Initial Impact
While it’s still wise to go back and add transcriptions to older videos to improve traffic performance, it’s often best to provide a text transcription alongside the initial publication of the video to make the best impact during Google’s initial index or “crawl” of your new content. That way users searching for topics covered by your video will be more likely to find up-to-date and relevant information sooner, which is good news for everyone.

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