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Things That You Should Ask Before Hiring Any Transcription Company

Things That You Should Ask Before Hiring Any Transcription Company

By: Kevin

6 Dec 2022

Are you seeking a business that offers the best yet reasonably priced online transcribing services? While there are many options readily available on the Internet, people must exercise extreme caution while deciding because any carelessness might have fatal effects. Before making a definitive decision, we would advise you to do an extensive background study and compare the offerings of at least 5-6 businesses.

Numerous people find it difficult to choose the best transcribing service from among the many available. You should only work with the finest for the job, whether you need your films to be transcribed for production purposes, need detailed interview transcriptions, or just want to increase the number of people who listen to your podcast.

You might also need a specialized translation service; for instance, to assure the accuracy of your translation of terms and conditions, you'll need an expert in that field.

But you can assist save time and money by knowing exactly what to look for in these service providers. Among the most important things to take into account are:

Quantity of Accuracy

One of the most important criteria to consider when ordering a transcription is accuracy. Like with any other service, it's possible that you won't be able to tell which is the best until you've used it. Nevertheless, comparing several businesses or even asking them to send a sample of their work for review will help you make a better-informed choice.

Regardless of whether the service provider was sent to you by a friend or another business, you may still want to check out their capabilities and degree of accuracy. You may ensure exact data capture and subsequently better reliability by working with the most accurate and skilled transcriptionist. This is especially important because it has the power to make or break your company's marketing initiatives.

Reaction Time

In addition to accuracy, meeting deadlines and turning in work quickly are important factors to take into account when picking a supplier. The transcriptionist should be able to meet even the tightest deadlines, regardless of whether a lengthy file is requested. Asking about the response time for mass requests is one approach to finding out if a business can handle your workload.

The most seasoned businesses should be able to forecast realistic completion dates for orders or projects. Some businesses can produce high-quality work even under time constraints. When you have a pressing project that must be finished on schedule, these people should be your first choice for service.

Sound Formats

The vendor of the transcription service must be able to work with and support a variety of audio formats. You should save time by working with such a provider since you wouldn't need to convert the media files yourself. The nature of the project will often determine the audio formats.

For instance, some data may be in raw video or audio formats. To assist with the conversions, you may also hire a transcription service provider. When hard copies need to be converted to digital media, this is crucial.


For many businesses, uploading enormous recording files might be a challenge. The website of the provider should therefore be able to facilitate the simultaneous upload of huge files. An excellent site should allow for recordings with more than 1 gigabyte of storage. The ability to add timestamps to the transcript is another feature to watch for. In this manner, you will be able to analyze the recordings for quality control much better.

Additionally, you might want to look for a business that offers special templates and discussion points for each item. Once the files have been accurately transcribed, the service provider should offer a handy method of delivering the finished product, such as email. The most popular way is email because it enables file sharing.


Talk in-depth about pricing with the chosen service provider for further information. Although you should only pay for the services you receive, the cost must be fair. The transcription fees must be reasonable for you and stay within the allocated spending limit. Before you sign the contract, you should talk about any potential upcharges.

There are instances when you can find transcribing services for a pittance. While you might want to use these services to cut costs, look into why their prices are so low. The service provider might use automatic or human transcriptionists or have a more effective method for producing a transcript.

Security and discretion

Meetings, earnings calls, conference calls, and many other confidential files and data are typically included in company transcription files. There are instances when the business will need transcriptions of market research on products that are under development. To save time and money, file creation companies may also desire to have some of their files transcribed.

That being said, you must make sure that the information they receive from you is kept private and safe. Check each supplier to check if there have been any instances of client data leaks. Data leaks should be prevented at all costs because they could harm your business. The best transcription service companies go above and beyond to safeguard their clients' data. Spend some time learning about the security and confidentiality safeguards the service has in place.

Consumer Assistance

For the best service, always search for individualized customer service. While some businesses offer all-encompassing customer support, others allow you direct access to your project manager.

This enables follow-ups and even requests for modifications to be made without going via the phone-tree customer service system. Working with an individual project manager, in particular, should make the process much easier to handle.

Scalable Solution

The transcripts of qualitative data make the information much more manageable and provide a scalable solution. Finding patterns in the data, organizing it, and using it to create a narrative becomes much easier with this tool. Additionally, searchable transcripts provide a time-saving resource that makes research far simpler.

For instance, researchers often need to pull up a particular video or audio recording or part of one. With, they can search key terms they want to recall or reference and quickly locate that spot in the transcript and the original audio or video. Interactive Transcripts also help in scalable solutions by creating data analyses that can help researchers review their results.


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