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Religious Transcription Services

Religious Transcription Services

By: Norelle

25 Sep 2014

While transcription is commonly used in the academic world and media industry, it can be valuable in religious services as well. Transcribing a mass or sermon can provide value to the pastor, audience, members of the church, and beyond. Transcription Hub services cover a wide variety of bases, including religious transcription services for any religion—from Christianity to Judaism to Buddhism or any other. Benefits of religious transcription services include:

• Aids those who are hard of hearing. People of all ages and hearing abilities attend mass, so much of what is said can be lost in translation. Some churches or temples echo or have overflow space, making it difficult for everyone in attendance to listen intently. A hard copy of that day’s sermon is beneficial to those who are deaf, have a hearing impairment, or may have been stuck in the back of the building.
• Sermons can be published online. With religious transcription services, your sermons can be added to your website or published as an eBook. An online manuscript will make the discussion searchable, driving more traffic to your website, helping with search engine optimization. They will also be sharable and can be quickly sent through email or messages.
• Reference. A hard copy of a sermon can be referred back to for any reason—Sunday School lessons, from parents to children, studying, checking for information from previous talks, etc. It can then be used as an aid for future sermons.
• Transcribed to different languages. Religious transcription services allow your message to be shared and accessed by people who speak other languages, furthering the reach of your religious teachings.
• Timeliness. Information is absorbed quicker when there is a text version available. If people are pushed for time, or perhaps learn better by reading than listening, religious transcription services are valuable.

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