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Quality Transcripts

Quality Transcripts

By: Kevin

17 Aug 2010

What is quality? Simply put, quality is a measure of excellence. In a business, this means that the product or service is free from defects and the output is satisfactory to the customer. The goal of any business is to provide quality products or services and in the business of transcription this translates to the quality of the transcripts. We all understand the need for quality transcripts from transcription companies.

As one gentleman quoted, "Quality combines people power and process power" and nowhere is this more true than in the business of transcription for the quality of a transcription company is as good as the quality of the transcriptionists.

The parameters of a quality transcript are:
1. Correct language, spelling and punctuation with appropriate terminology in context with the subject of the audio.
2. Formatting, spacing and alignment of sentences and paragraphs.
3. Correct identification of speakers in case of multiple speaker files.

What influences the quality of a transcript to a great degree is training and experience. Companies and transcriptionists who have had extensive training and experience definitely generate good quality transcripts. Constant updating of knowledge in the chosen field of specialization is definitely required to keep up with the latest trends and to generate the best quality transcripts.