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Public Speaking Tips for a Fear-Free Speech

Public Speaking Tips for a Fear-Free Speech

By: Norelle

28 May 2014

Ah, the dreaded speech. Whether you’re a student or business professional you’re bound to give a presentation in front of your class or colleagues, and you’ll most likely be nervous about it. Transcription Hub services allow you as an audience member to refer back to a live lecture or discussion—you will probably notice that a good public speaker makes a difference even in a recording.

If you find yourself at the other end of the room as the person talking rather than listening, take note of these tips for the dreaded but important life skill of public speaking. Record your speech for use later – it can make excellent content on your website, blog, or other materials! Send the recording to us for quick, convenient, and affordably-priced transcription services!

Here are our top public speaking tips:

Be conversational
If you use a conversational tone and language, it will be easier for you to remember your speech and for your audience to understand. Fancy words add unnecessary fluff and avoid the point—casual language allows you to have more freedom to improvise and make your discourse a discussion rather than lecture.

Know your space
Observe where you’ll be speaking beforehand—what tools are available to you, how the room is set up, where your attention will be directed. Know your audience and cater your speaking style to them.

Practice, practice, practice
It goes without saying: the more you practice, the more prepared you’ll be. Go through every aspect of your presentation to make sure all elements work together. When you get sick of practicing is when you’re ready!

Deep breaths
Public speaking is one of the most common fears that people have. You will likely be more nervous leading up to your speech than during it, so calm yourself down and focus on your topic. Don’t apologize for mistakes or jitters—your audience probably won’t even notice unless you point them out.

Put yourself in their shoes
Think about how you act when listening to someone speak, and realize your audience is the same way. They want you to succeed; they’re rooting for you! Don’t worry about being judged or boring them because chances are they would feel the same way in your shoes.

Would you rather run and hide than give a speech? You’re not alone. Here are five tips to ease the fear of public speaking.

After the speech is over, the Transcription Hub team is ready and waiting to make your audio or video material into a high-quality, accurate text transcription – contact us for details!