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Proof reading services from Transcription HUB

Proof reading services from Transcription HUB

By: Kevin

9 May 2016

Proofreading refers to the process of reading text to correct errors in typing, grammar, punctuation, style, wrong word usage, and spellings. Proofreading is the final step of the editing process for any written content.
The transcription proofreader is part of the QA team and works at different levels to ensure that the final document sent to the client achieves close to 99% accuracy. Transcriptionists simultaneously type and listen to an audio file while transcribing, which leaves room for mistakes. In addition, transcription is done at a fast pace, which makes it prone to errors. The role of the proofreader is to be the second set of eyes and ears before a document reaches the client.
The proofreader will listen to the same audio that the transcriptionist has listened to, and find out errors. The proofreader is also responsible for formatting the document according to the client's specifications. This includes using specific fonts, adding or removing page numbers, adding specific headers, etc.
Transcription Hub offers professional proofreading services. It offers three levels of proofreading service:
1. Simple Proofreading
2. Advanced Proofreading
3. Professional Proofreading

1. Simple Proofreading:
At Transcription Hub, we read your text and correct punctuation, spacing, spelling, and typographical errors.

2. Advanced Proofreading:
In addition to the services offered at level 1, this level includes the checking and correction of grammatical errors and wrong word usage.

3. Professional Proofreading:
This is in addition to the services provided both at the levels 1 and 2. At this level, we check and correct style and consistency in usage in order to produce a final product which is in line with the customer's requirements.

At Transcription Hub, we have maintained our reputation for high accuracy rates in transcription, which is largely a result of intense quality checks done by our proofreaders.