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Michelle McKinney Hammond Speaks

Michelle McKinney Hammond Speaks

By: Kevin

3 Feb 2013

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Michelle McKinney Hammond: I want to tell you a little story, because I like stories. Years ago when I was in high school, my father Mr. Hammond - I hear there is a rumor going around I am married to Fred Hammond, never met him in my life - have two daddies, Mr. McKinney and Mr. Hammond. Well, Mr. Hammond treated me to a trip to France because I had been a good girl that semester. So I went with the French class, and my girlfriend Sheila and I set off and we had big plans to go and parlez-vous Français avec des garcon, the guys.

So we get to Paris and we are whipping out our clothes and planning our outfits and Sheila made this horrible discovery, she forgot her Poligrip at home. Even though she was only sixteen she had had a problem with her teeth and so she sported an entire set of dentures. And she had this real deep kind of gruff voice, she said, “Chelle, now you know I can’t be flirting with these French men with my teeth falling out of my head”. I said, “Girl, don’t worry I got this French lingo down, we are going to go down to le pharmacy and I am going to get you your Poligrip”.

So we go marching down to the pharmacy and I walk up to the counter and I smile my sweetest smile and I go, "bonjour monsieur’ and he said, ‘bonjour mademoiselle’, I said, ‘am le vous la Poligrip’. And he said, ‘comment’. I said, ‘la Poligrip, ca va vous la crème, vous la dentifrice’, I was really feeling my old spin, I was able to explain myself in French. He just looked at me and said, ‘comment’. Well I proceeded to dig up every word in the French language that I knew to try to describe this Poligrip, and he was getting more and more confused. Finally, Sheila had had enough, she was so frustrated she just yanked her teeth right out of her head, shook them in his face and said ‘Poli dentifrice’, to which he said, ‘oh oui, oui’.

So at the tender age of sixteen I learned that a woman has got to do what a woman’s got to do, to get what she wants.

When you have a supernatural enemy you’ve got to have supernatural intervention, you’ve got to know how to get the attention of the king of kings and the lord of lords. You have an enemy, the reality of the enemy is clear, from the Book of Genesis, Chapter 3 Verse 15, where God himself said to the woman, said to Satan, ‘you and the woman will be enemies, and your offspring and her offspring will be enemies’, the lines were drawn, that women we have an enemy. Everything affects everybody everywhere all the time because that’s how kingdom business works.

Now you see you’ve got to understand something, your husband is not the enemy, your boss is not the enemy, your children are not the enemy, Satan is the enemy. You need to find out what God likes and how he likes it and serve it up just that way. If you are having a problem with your husband, you need to stop giving him what you think he needs and find out what he wants. Stop thinking for him, he’s not a child, he knows what he wants, you need to listen to him and find out, because see the secretary gives him what he wants. Hello.

As I was asking, but do you know what God’s favorite food is? Its barbeque - burnt offering, barbeque. You can’t eat what the world eats anymore; your breath is affected by the things that you eat. And if you keep eating the wrong things you can really have a bad case of spiritual halitosis. God wants the smell of the world out of your pores, he has a different perfume he wants you to wear, called ‘Oh the Holy Ghost’. He wants you to smell like the fruit of the spirit, not like the world, the world is funky to God.

Can we talk about dressing? We cannot dress. Hello. Like those people out there - who have made harlots clothing expensive so now it should be alright to wear it. I don’t get it, whatever happened to mystery, the mystery of being a woman?

What is worship, what is sex? They are both the act of giving all that you are and all that you have to the one that you love; being naked and unashamed, giving it all up gladly and freely. The woman is like the holy of holies and the man is the priest coming into the holy of holies. And when they come together, not bearing any offence, the glory of God comes down. And we say, halleluiah. Amen.

Now single ladies this is also the answer for when you wake up in the middle of the night to a party you didn’t know your body was invited to till you got there. Worship, because for everything in the natural God gives a spiritual parallel, he doesn’t leave anybody out.

Are you a queen or not? Are you having a relationship with a king or not? See Esther was a little bit religious, she was worried about protocol; well, you know he hasn’t called me so I can’t go. What is that? But I think she is kind of thinking, yeah he’s right, I am the queen, I’ve been in his bed, I’ve laid in his arms, I’ve smelled his breath, I should be able to go in and see him whenever I want. After all I was told this, I should have free access because I was chosen - you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, who’ve been called out of darkness into his marvelous life, to show forth the praises of him. You have open access to the throne room anytime you want it, don’t sit and wait for him to call, don’t wait for Sunday morning service or a convention, you need to be running into his presence as often as you can.