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Legal PodCast Transcription

Legal PodCast Transcription

By: Kevin

28 May 2010

Almost every incident that takes place in the court requires a written documentation. This information is recorded in the courtroom and documented. There are several types of legal dictations like testimonies, pleadings, interrogatories, final judgments, arguments, several appeals, hearings etc. Legal transcription is an essential service for any legal activities in the court that has to be made available in hard copy which can be distributed for many clients as well as for law practitioners.

Legal transcription services are truly beneficial to attorneys, law offices and to consumers. More and more attorneys are PodCasting their shows online and in contrast PodCast legal transcription is becoming more popular. You can listen to some great legal / law PodCast here. And Law is great site for information on legal related blogs.

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The transcript can be very strong assistance in drafting and filing legal documents, and tracking important deadlines, assisting attorneys to prepare for trials, documenting relevant facts and information pertaining to a lawsuit. Even legal hearings are sent to the client’s representative along with the recorded dictation and transcript which will be excellent service for consumer who cannot attend the court session.

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