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How transcribing audio/video to text would benefit your SEO strategy

How transcribing audio/video to text would benefit your SEO strategy

By: Kevin

9 Jul 2021

Regardless of whether you've utilized search engine optimization (SEO) previously, you've presumably heard the term. You additionally know it's essential for any brand. With such countless various sites and organizations out there, it's quite hard to stand out from the commotion. However, there are ways you can rise above, and one of them is by transcribing your audio/video to text.

With regards to SEO rankings, you need to make the most of each known chance, since just a few web links will fit on the first few pages of search results. The most ideal approach to get high rankings is to give the most definitive and authoritative content, which includes transcripts of multimedia presentations.

Advantages of Transcribing Your Audio or Video to Text

On the go, you'll see a lot of advantages when you interpret sound to text. For once, you're making your content more available for your crowd. Also, making the client experience as smooth as conceivable should always be a priority.

You're additionally making more content with minimal effort; as opposed to wasting time, you’re taking material you already have (an audio/video file) and developing another way for people to access it in the form of a written copy. Interpreting your Audio or Video to text? You'll see a better yield on your SEO, and it can positively impact your business.

Insights on How Transcribing Audio/Video to Text Can Impact Your SEO Strategy

You should always make sure to keep SEO in mind for just about everything you do. Although some people will find you on social media marketing or may hear about you by recommendations, the reality is that a lot of men and women as much as eighty percent of the population still manage to get their data from search engines. If you're not optimizing your SEO, you're missing out on a considerable portion of your potential audience.

Even if you do have an SEO strategy set up, transcribing audio/video to text can assist you to take that strategy to a different grade.

Improves Content Consumption

Guests who pay attention to your web recordings and watch your recordings can follow perusing along if you give text on a similar website page. Individuals who are utilizing your content for research purposes will appreciate the convenience of referring to text if they cannot understand certain words or want to review the information. Giving your audience a decision on the best way to devour content consistently enjoys benefits.

Extending Your Audience

You have the chance of extending your audience by offering transcripts of your recordings. It has high chances of reaching out to those individuals at work who can't access audio/video recordings at work and it will likewise be helpful for the hearing impaired. A few groups incline toward text since it gives them speedier admittance to data.

Whereas in American every 1 person out of the 20 have hearing issues or are almost deaf. Over five percent of the total populace have an incapacitating hearing misfortune. That compares to about 466 million people.

Language Comprehension

In the U.S., a record 67.8 million individuals communicate in a language other than English at home. Captions/inscriptions can assist these participants with improving language understanding including pronunciation, syntax, and more. Approximately 65% of the world’s population are visual learners.

Transcripts offer a better comprehension of the content

We read almost twice as quickly as we tune in. Closed Captioning is synchronized content of the audio or video content including non-discourse components like commotions or foundation sounds. This would permit the clients to get a total comprehension of what is passed on in the online classes, webinars, podcasts, and any sort of digital broadcasts.

Crawls over more Content

Search engines can crawl text, but they can’t watch videos. Your transcripts will be full of relevant keywords that indicate what your video is about so that Google can crawl your content and rank accordingly. Whenever you transcribe your audio/video to text, you're reusing material that's already created. Essentially, you're doubling the quantity of content you have. While you intend to maintain a certain standard of quality, SEO is partially a quantity game. Having more content to crawl only helps your SEO.

Search engines would be able to crawl over text content only rather than video/ audio. YouTube allows you to adjust timestamps and create closed captions for the webinars. Closed captions are indexed by Google and YouTube, boosting SEO rankings with both search engines.

Improve User-based Experience

It's a general principle that people enjoy dealing with controlling their user experience. Making things easy for your users helps it be more likely you'll turn them into customers. Transcribing your audio/video to text allows them to decide on their preferred way of digesting information

The increased amount of clicking and sharing

Hearing an audio/video file is more of a passive activity than reading an article. You might be doing the laundry or exercising and continue to be in a position to digest something if it's being spoken to you. That is a nice benefit, but it's a lot harder to click and share content if it's not written out. Actually, outside clicking the play or stop buttons, it's doubtful your audience can take some other action. Whenever you transcribe audio/video to text, it's easier for your audience to take that extra step and share your post with their network, introducing your brand to hundreds or even tens of thousands of potential new fans.

Backlinks from Relevant Sites

You will be able to add backlinks to the transcript text, which will help give further information to your audience as it offers you a chance to promote different pages on your site. If you meet a visitor, it allows you an opportunity to cross-promote them with a link. exchanging links with relevant sites helps the two organizations share a similar crowd.

Keyword Optimization

Audio or video transcripts will probably contain the keywords that sum up your content. Keywords are what web search tools use to associate online surfers with sites. Be aware of this reality when you are making your digital recording, regardless of whether it's important or not.

Converting Sound into an eBook

The amount of information that you can distribute by transcribing audio/video to text is immense. The normal contents which are made available on the websites are normally webinars, podcasts, or interviews/ advertisements. Depending on how in-depth the content is, the transcript of the video/audio for the same can be packaged as an e-book and sold as a separate standalone document. Which, indeed, turns out to be one of the best sources of income for the organization.

If the content includes an anecdote about how a particular organization used your product or service, then you might publish a segment of the transcript as a case study.


A Audio or video transcripts nd other forms of multimedia help in bringing your web presence to life,but using transcripts add to SEO strength. Since the text is what search engines index and helps followers understand your content better, consider adding transcripts to all your audio and video work.

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