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How Our Transcription Services Help You Stay Compliant

How Our Transcription Services Help You Stay Compliant

By: Norelle

29 Dec 2014

Transcription Hub is experienced at handling HIPAA-compliant material and other legal documents to ensure compliance across a multitude of industries and regulations. We have a dedicated team with the necessary knowledge of medical terminology in addition to knowing the rules and regulations regarding HIPAA and other medical transcription requirements.

Due to the nature of patient records and their importance when it comes to referrals and insurance claims, it's of the utmost importance your transcription services provide you with error-free and reliable transcriptions.

Our services are affordable, reliable, and compliant. We also perform an analysis of the content and perform multiple quality checks to ensure your transcriptions meet your 100% satisfaction. Any recordings involving physician visits, consultations, admissions and discharges, and even surgical procedures can be transcribed for future reference and filing.

More importantly, however, is these recordings can sometimes be used in legal procedures, so the accuracy of these records is incredibly important to minimize liability during legal disputes.

Law enforcement often use our services for our accuracy and reliability. Due to the strictly confidential nature of the information provided and the required fast turnaround time, we've built a reputation as one of the best transcription services in the world. We provide streamlined and reliable transcription services at an affordable rate to law enforcement officials to help them keep their concentration on the case rather than the paperwork. We also guarantee the safety and confidentiality of our services to ensure an unbroken chain of evidence.

Lawyers expect and receive a strict code of confidence from our transcription services. Transcription Hub provides private legal transcriptions and our transcribers are specifically trained to handle legal documents, evidence, and private documentation pertaining to delicate cases. Our goal is to provide you with a 100% accurate transcription to help your case and your firm.

Contact us today to find out more about our transcription services or submit a file for transcription here. We're affordable, reliable, and confidential. Don't hesitate to contact us.