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How does Transcription assist Professors?

How does Transcription assist Professors?

By: DaveT

15 Apr 2016

Academic and educational transcription providers offer valuable services to students, Professors, Assistant Professors and Lecturers. Professors use transcription because the text format of transcripts helps the students in many ways. Reading doubles the memory retention, compared to learning by lectures. Knowledge is propagated much more easily in text format.

Many transcription services offer transcribing support to Professors and Assistant Professors for both Group recordings and Dissertation recordings. Some of them also offer Academic transcriptions for Professors in all fields and they also deal with research notes.

It is the duty of the Professors to provide knowledge continuously to the students, to stay ahead. Transcription helps both the Professors and the students to teach and learn, respectively, in a better way.

Professors use transcription services for transcribing:
•Research work

Recording and transcribing the lectures given by Professors improves retention to most of the students. Several surveys which stress the use of transcription have been conducted. A case study estimated the performance of a set of students who used recorded Lectures with transcription and real-time captioning. The other set of students used traditional notes. The set of students who used the transcribed notes was able to perform well.

As technology has changed the way Professors interact with their students, lecturing students from a single place and time has also changed. Nowadays, Professors can teach from a podium or from their own desks. They can help by offering students the transcripts for their daily lessons or theonline video classes. Audio transcription and video transcription play a very important role in professors’ lives. Students can easily study course materials and interact more in class, without having to worry about taking notes.

Course transcripts help Professors in preparing future course materials instead of trying to decipher their notes. Some Professors are interested in publishing. In such cases, audio transcription helps them to process, thus making the publishing process much faster and easier.

Many transcription providers offer secure, high quality and affordable transcription services to Professors, Assistant Professors and deans in various Universities. Thus, we can see how transcription plays a significant role in in assisting the Professors.