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How to choose the Best Transcription Service Provider?

How to choose the Best Transcription Service Provider?

By: Kevin

8 Nov 2019

Transcription services for video or audio that can be processed and stored in the cloud is an accurate, efficient and cost-effective means of providing valuable insights, intelligence, and data into a business’s operations and performance. Transcription is a vital part of the workflow for a broad range of professions spanning countless industries.

Why are Transcription Services Important?

Transcription services allow businesses to easily capture interview or meeting notes, re-purposing video or podcast content for SEO purposes, monitor and enhance the performance of sales and service staff, and ensure regulatory compliance.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, businesses are able to leverage the power of transcription services like never before. Demand for services has led to many newcomers in the industry, leaving businesses and organizations unsure of which is best.

This guide will help discerning businesses and professionals such as yourself understand what criteria they should be looking for, what elements are important, and what features should be avoided.

Determine Your Priorities and Needs When Searching for a Transcription Services Provider

Before looking at each individual aspect of transcription services, it is best if you first take inventory of what it is you or your organization needs and what is important to you.

For example, as a business, you likely care most about:

• The speed of processing and delivery
• Accuracy of the transcription services
• Transparent and fair pricing
• Security measures in place to keep your data safe
• Artificial intelligence and/or reporting

The five factors above related to transcription services are those which stand to have the largest positive (or negative) impact on your business. Let’s take a closer look at each below.

1. Time is Money

Things move fast in business. The last thing you want is for your transcription services to bottleneck operations. Depending on the service and your particular needs, the turn around time can vary wildly, from a few hours to weeks. Those that offer 24-hour emergency deliveries often charge hefty rush delivery fees, so plan ahead when you can.

Transcription Hub, for example, offers “Priority 5-day” delivery as a standard for their regularly priced package, with Express 2-day delivery and Express 1-day delivery available for a nominal additional fee.

2. Accuracy and Performance of Transcription Services

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to employ the use of a regular “speech to text” application, you no doubt noticed that the finished document is chocked full of errors in grammar, formatting, words and even phrasing. Other factors such as multiple speakers, background noise, poor mic quality or dictation and accents can make matters even worse.

In the age of technology, many providers rely heavily on automation in the transcription world. However, this move has had a negative and sometimes devastating impact on the quality of the finished transcription.

All of which means that choosing a transcription services provider that guarantees accuracy is so important. At Transcription Hub, they leverage the power of technology and AI, coupled with intelligent human intervention in order to get the best out of both worlds. The result? An impressively accurate finished product that is guaranteed for quality.

This is why over 5000+ customers across the UK, US, and Canada trust Transcription Hub to get the job done right.

3. Transparent Pricing with No Hidden Fees

In the world of transcription services, providers are notorious for listing a published rate that quickly becomes inflated as necessary add-ons are included. Fees and hidden prices can add up quickly, turning what seemed to be a good deal into a money pit.

When it comes to pricing, there are only three basic fees that the majority of providers charge:

• Per audio minute
• Timestamps; and

Areas where some providers tack on the additional fees include higher rates or surcharges for:

• Additional speakers
• Technical content (such as technology, medical or legal transcription)
• Accents; and
• Expedited delivery

In some cases, these extra fees can result in the base pricing increasing by upwards of 300+ percent.

Transcription Hub, by contrast, utilizes a clear pricing schedule based on the time required for delivery of the transcription. There are three clearly marked pricing tiers to choose from, with an option to obtain a custom quote for volume discounts if required.

4. Data Security of Transcription Services

For many businesses needing transcription services, the security of their files is a top priority. These files often contain sensitive data such as legal or medical records, private business meetings or other proprietary information.
Transcription Hub, for example, utilizes industry-standard security technology and encryption, but also goes a step farther signing a non-disclosure agreement with all clients. The brand takes security and privacy seriously, and so should you when choosing transcription services.

If you have concerns, don’t be hesitant to ask about the type of website, server and personnel security policies and technology in place.

5. Are Transcription Services Available for Multiple Languages?

The world is a much smaller place than it used to be, with globalization or markets now often requiring businesses to offer their content in multiple languages. Many businesses have found value in, or the need to, translate business-critical content in various languages in order to better convey messaging and enhance visibility.
As such, it is prudent to seek out those transcription services which utilize a multi-lingual team with specialized local language expertise. Transcription Hub, for example, employs multilingual transcribers in over 35+ languages and is capable of transcribing text to text, audio to text, or verbatim translations.

6. Types of Transcription Services Available

When seeking out the best transcription services, look for one that has experience handling a range of services across various industries and formats.
Business moves quickly and often evolves in ways we cannot foresee. If your needs change, you want to be working with a company that has a broad scope of services to accommodate your new objectives.

For example, Transcription Hub supports 25 file types and offers service including but not limited to services for:

• Audio
• Video
Voicemail to text
• And more…

Ready to Hire the Best Transcription Service Today?

Transcription Hub is the number one choice for audio and video transcription services, having served over 5000+ happy customers across the US, UK, and Canada. Reach out today and find out why so many businesses and professionals trust them to get the job done right.